Qorvo's Multi-Standard Dev Kit Simplifies the Development of IoT Gateways and Connected Devices

Qorvo's Multi-Standard Dev Kit Simplifies the Development of IoT Gateways and Connected Devices

Qorvo's IoT development kit provides a complete solution for building applications for connected end devices with minimum application development effort. It contains a streamlined Matter and Bluetooth Low Energy development environment, as well as example applications and several tools that simplify IoT development and reduce time-to-market for developers. With this development kit, several turn-key applications can be seamlessly developed, including reference applications such as color and dimmable light bulb, lock mechanism, thermostatic radiator valve, and color dimmer light switch.

What does the Kit Contain?

Development Kit – Hardware

A development board combining QPG6105, peripherals, LEDs, buttons, power supply and a program/debug interface is available to developers for prototyping applications and validating QPG6105 performance. The Development Kit is the ideal starting point to get familiar with the QPG6105 SW and development tools.

The Development Kit consists of a QPG6105 plug-on radio board and a carrier board. The carrier board enables application development and debugging of the radio board. It contains sensors and peripherals for easy demonstration of some of the QPG6105 capabilities. Additionally, Qorvo is also offering a QPG7015M Thread Border router for the development, enabling a multi-standard platform.

Key Features of the Development Kit (with Matter and Thread)

  • Complete system of a QPG6105 Matter device and a QPG7015M Thread Border Router integrated with a Raspberry Pi 4 host
  • ConcurrentConnect™ technology for multi-standard use
  • Matter™, Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy and Zigbee certified
  • Software API, RF performance tools and application guidelines to ease development
  • PCB antennas to leverage ConcurrentConnect Antenna Diversity both on the gateway and connected device
  • ConcurrentConnect Coexistence for Wi-Fi and IoT on the gateway with configurability

Development Kit – Software

Qorvo Matter SDK for QPG6105 is available on GitHub allowing easy access. The kit brings together a combination of open-source and Qorvo SW components in a user-friendly way.

Customers do not have to bother with version dependencies across Qorvo components and open-source repositories for Matter and Thread connectivity as these are pre-integrated and pre-tested. Customers get access to the full software repository required to build Matter products.

With the Development Kit comes instructions to install the free-to-use compiler and development/debug environment. All needed tools and features are made available there for professional embedded C programming and development.

Debugging capabilities are built right into the development board with on-board support for Segger J-Link to provide fast and stable debugging capabilities.

The company is also offering development platform where the QPG6105 radio can be used to support both Matter and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connected devices in applications.

Key Features of the Development Kit (with Matter and Bluetooth Low Energy)

  • Development kit including hardware and software featuring ConcurrentConnect™ technology for multi-standard use
  • Matter™, Thread and Bluetooth® Low Energy certified
  • Matter app demonstrated without need of external Flash by offloading SW to ROM
  • Matter and Thread open-source software integrated and extended with tools and development guidelines
  • Small QPG6105 radio board with printed dual antennas to leverage ConcurrentConnect Antenna Diversity
  • RF performance tools and sensors/peripherals for easy demonstration of QPG6105 capabilities

The QPG6105 radio board can be ordered with QPG6105DK-01 as the part number and is available for shipment.

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