NuWaves RF Solutions Develops Range and Telemetry Tracking System for Defence Applications

NuWaves RF Solutions Develops Range and Telemetry Tracking System for Defence Applications

NuWaves RF Solutions, a leader in designing and developing range telemetry tracking systems for the DoD (Department of Defense) and other prime defense contractors, has recently launched custom-tailored solutions for precision tracking of assets during training exercises and testing. NuWaves has expertise working with Iridium, RF, microwave, and landline backhauls. Below are some examples of range and telemetry tracking systems developed by NuWaves.

Shipboard and Rotary Tracking Unit:

NuWaves developed a Shipboard and Rotary Wing Tracking Unit that provides Rotary Wing (RW) Aircraft and Shipboard Tracking Data using the Global Navigation Satellite System. The unit utilizes the UN/ARY-6 transceiver capable of supporting up to three levels of relay capability, which allows for a system capable of high-fidelity tracking in excess of 500 nm.

  • Provides GPS Time and Position, including differential corrections from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).
  • Acts as an RF relay for other instrumentation packages.
  • Functions using AC or DC input voltage.
  • Transmits host platform data with encryption.
  • Provides BIT and Power LED indicators.
  • Provides a maintenance interface for information and troubleshooting.
  • Protects the electronics inside a waterproof enclosure.

Tactical Training Range (TTR) Rotary-Wing Tracking System (RTS)

NuWaves developed the TTR RTS, a tactical training range rotary-wing tracking system for joint-use between the Navy and the Army. The RTS system was designed to easily interface with existing range infrastructure and remain unclassified. It was also designed to provide built-in test (BIT) capability, i.e. perform a BIT at startup, perform periodic BIT, indicate BIT results, and report BIT results to the CTS.

The Rotary Tracking System is capable of maintaining a LOS data link up to 50 NMI with tracking reliability of no less than 95%. Additionally, the system can maintain 1PPS for TDMA operation during missions where GPS access is denied. The system is also capable of tracking 30 RW aircraft simultaneously. The RTS is comprised of two primary pieces of hardware, the Airborne Tracking Element (ATE) and the Ground Listener Unit (GLU).

The GLU is also a robust, small and lightweight design that receives the ATE data from the aircraft, and forwards it to a networked computer running the RTS Correlator Translator Software.The ATE is a robust, small and lightweight design that transmits telemetry and BIT Status Reports from the Aircraft. LOS tracking is done using a TDMA Data Link, while BLOS tracking is accomplished using the Iridium SATCOM Network.The system relies on the Correlation Translator Software to record, filter, correlate, decrypt, translate and output RTS telemetry reports and makes them available to a networked connected ground system.

Comprehensive Testing Hardware & Intermediate Maintenance System

The Tactical Training Transponder Test Bed (T4B) and Common Portable Test Unit (CPTU) (AN/USM-721) developed by NuWaves provides comprehensive testing capabilities allowing you to quickly identify & diagnose issues, troubleshoot problems on-site and reduce downtime.

NuWaves RF Solutions is a leader in designing and developing test systems and procedures to troubleshoot issues that arise both in the field and in the lab. The T4B is designed to perform troubleshooting on the AN/URY transceiver modules as they arrive for depot-level maintenance. This comprehensive testing system easily identifies problems/issues and isolates their repair, allowing depot-level maintenance times to be kept as low as possible and preventing one from spending unnecessary money on components that do not yet need to be replaced.

The CPTU is a portable test system that is used in the field to test and monitor telemetry instrumentation and to quickly and easily identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot any problems or issues that arise and address them on the spot, increasing your operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

Iridium Tracker Unit Beyond Line-Of-Sight

The Iridium Tracker Unit (ITU) Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) tracker system from NuWaves is a rugged weatherproof that provides telemetry that provides data for utilizing the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Iridium Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS).

  • Weatherproof
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Encryption
  • AC or DC Power Options

Iridium Tracking Unit for BLOS Large Asset Tracking

NuWaves relies on its reverse engineering capabilities, keeping the system life cycle longer, servicing equipment cost-effectively, and allowing reinvesting capital into new capabilities.

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