STMicroelectronics Colloborates with indie Semiconductor to Develop Secure In-Car Wireless Charging Solution

STMicroelectronics Colloborates with indie Semiconductor to Develop Secure In-Car Wireless Charging Solution

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has introduced the STSAFE-V100-Qi chip for secure in-car wireless charging based on the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specifications. The chipset is certified to the highest level of security applicable for Qi chargers, common criteria (CC) EAL4+ for cybersecurity protection.

ST’s secure element families are already used in security-conscious applications such as banking, ticketing, and identity protection, and the 15W Qi in-car wireless charging reference design will contribute to optimized charging and safety in an automotive application.

The reference design combines the secure element of ST's chipset with the iND87200 automotive-qualified wireless charging SoC controller (from indie Semiconductor). This is a dual-core design with an ARM Cortex M4F processor with 2MB of embedded flash and 256kB of SRAM and a dedicated ARM Cortex M0 processor for the WPC stack. It integrates all of the necessary power management, DC-DC converter, signal conditioning, WPC inverter drivers, and power FETs, as well as LED and fan drivers. A wide range of serial interfaces, such as CAN 2.0B, LIN, I2C, and UARTs, provide multiple connectivity options to the vehicle and other peripherals.

  • Dual-core automotive Qi wireless charging chip
  • STSAFE Secure Element provides a certified asset ID

The automotive-qualified STSAFE-V100-Qi implements the WPC challenge response principle and stores the certificate for in-vehicle charger authentication using an ECDSA signature scheme with SHA-256 for digital signature generation.  This allows us to support secure boot, secure storage, and secure software updates. This extra safeguarding strengthens protection against risks such as remote tampering, counterfeiting, and copying. It is configured at ST’s fab and designed for secure software updates to provide a high level of security for the life of the vehicle.

“indie’s advanced Qi standards-based wireless charging silicon solutions enhance the overall in-cabin user experience, bringing convenient portable device charging to vehicles across all segment classes,” said Fred Jarrar, Vice President and General Manager of indie Semiconductor’s Power and USB product lines. “ST’s secure element brings the highest level of cybersecurity protection to our reference design, enabling brand protection for our automotive customers and safety, security and reassurance for vehicle occupants.”

“By integrating our STSAFE-V100-Qi, the reference design meets the latest WPC specification and Common Criteria EAL4+ to assure protection of charging devices at up to 15W,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Connected Security, STMicroelectronics. “As a result, indie’s customers benefit from a powerful combination of a high-quality charging system with the highest level of security.”

The STSAFE-V100-Qi is sampling now to lead customers and will enter full production in Q4 2023.

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