Microchip Introduces Ultimate KeeLoq Technology to Develop Highly Secure Remote Keyless Entry Solutions

Microchip Introduces Ultimate KeeLoq Technology to Develop Highly Secure Remote Keyless Entry Solutions

Microchip Technology, a provider of smart, connected, and secure embedded control solutions, has recently introduced Ultimate KeeLoq technology. KeeLoq code hopping technology is a royalty free solution developed by Microchip that enables designers to develop highly secure authentication applications for automotive, residential, personal and commercial markets. Example applications include Garage door openers, Tire pressure monitoring systems, Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE systems), wireless sensors, Remote controls and more.

The Ultimate KeeLoq protocol is a timer-based solution offering enhancements to the Classic KeeLoq protocol structure such as industry-standard AES-128 block cipher, programmable 32-bit serial number, programmable 128-bit encryption key and KEELOQ Secure Learn Mode (128-bit seed). It incorporates a timer-driven message counter which continuously increments, independent of events, to provide a better, more secure solution. The time-keeping functionality provides additional protection against capture and replay attack techniques.

The entire structure is available in the MCS3142 dual KeeLoq technology encoder, which provides a complete turnkey solution. The Ultimate KeeLoq protocol enables users to develop highly secure Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) authentication applications for a variety of markets, including security systems, automotive and identity and property authentication.

Microchip’s royalty-free and industry-proven KeeLoq hopping code technology is used worldwide by leading manufacturers to provide additional security to their applications.

Wireless Remote Control Development Kit For Ultimate Keeloq

To support the new Ultimate KeeLoq protocol, we offer the Wireless Security Remote Control Development Kit, which is a demonstration and development platform for wireless security applications. The kit demonstrates two security protocols: Ultimate KeeLoq Protocol and Classic KeeLoq Protocol. It contains a four-button key fob transmitter based on the MCS3142.

Features of Development Kit:

  • Dual KeeLoq Encoder
  • Four button key fob transmitters based on the MCS3142
  • Receiver PICtail daughterboard
  • Embedded Security Development Board
  • The transmitter and receiver in this kit are tuned to the frequency 433.92MHz
  • Dual KeeLoq Encoder, receiver PICtail daughterboard, and Embedded Security Development Board. The software download contains a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to assist with additional development work.

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