Mobix Labs Awarded Design Win by RaGE Systems to Advance mmWave Antenna Technology

Mobix Labs Awarded Design Win by RaGE Systems to Advance mmWave Antenna Technology

Mobix Labs, a fabless semiconductor company developing mmWave 5G and C-Band wireless solutions for next generation communications systems supporting the aerospace, military markets, announced that it has been awarded a key design win by RaGE Systems (“RaGE Systems”) that will enable critical advancements in multi-octave wideband mmWave antenna technology for applications in mmWave 5G communications, radar sensors and imaging sensor applications.

RaGE Systems provides joint design and manufacturing (“JDM”) services for development of radio frequency technologies to a variety of customers in the fields of mmWave 5G communications, radar sensors, and imaging sensors. According to Custom Markets Insights, the mmWave 5G market is expected to reach US$7.79 billion by 2032. Utilizing Mobix Labs’ mmWave technology will allow RaGE Systems to increase system bandwidth, improve performance, and lower the total cost of ownership for the products and customers it serves.

“Mobix Labs’ is excited to partner with RaGE Systems to develop solutions that will enable their customers to create breakthrough wireless communications products,” said Fabian Battaglia, CEO of Mobix Labs. “We believe our mmWave technology will deliver enhanced speed, reliability, and security that will contribute to a new era of wireless communications.”

“Mobix Labs’ deep understanding and knowledge of advanced antennas, their fundamental capabilities in the 5G mmWave space, and proven lab measurements of early antenna prototypes, are the reasons RaGE Systems chose Mobix Labs as a design partner,” said Russell Cyr, President and Co-Founder of RaGE Systems.

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