Auden Showcases mmWave Antenna Technologies and New Solutions for Open-RAN Alliance at MWC 2024

Auden Showcases mmWave Antenna Technologies and New Solutions for Open-RAN Alliance at MWC 2024

Auden Group, an antenna and connectivity solutions provider, is debuting its most advanced millimeter wave (mmWave) antenna technologies along with showcasing new solutions that further its reputation as an Open RAN (O-RAN) Alliance advocate at MWC 2024. With these latest moves, Auden is driving the connectivity and telecommunications industries closer to 6G deployment while prioritizing openness, interoperability, and sustainability of high-speed networks.

Fostering a connectivity ecosystem that is open, safe, interoperable, and sustainable

As a key contributor to the O-RAN AllianceAuden's subsidiary Auray Technology (Auray OTIC and Security Lab) will participate in the panel discussion State of O-RAN System Integration and Certification during MWC, sharing insights on how certified O-RAN solutions help operators select proven technology and minimize integration efforts.

Session Info: Weds. Feb. 28, 11:20-11:55; registration and further info here.

Auray is also unveiling several new cutting-edge tools and services for antenna makers and network providers. These ensure consistency and product competitiveness through assessing compliance with O-RAN standards and energy efficiency:

  • Energy Saving (ES) xApp: Application within a Near-Real Time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) that allows user to set certain levels of energy saving
  • RIC Tester: Evaluates RICs to ensure interoperability and compliance with O-RAN Alliance standards
  • O-RAN Radio Unit (RU) Energy Efficiency Test: Benchmarks an O-RAN RU's energy efficiency under extreme power consumption conditions

For safety testing and compliance:

  • Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe system (MAGPy): Provides safety testing for devices that emit EM fields of any sort, including consumer devices
  • DASY8/6 Module Wireless Power Transfer (WPT): For evaluating WPT risk for consumers; the only test to certify per Chapter 8 of the International Electrotechnical Commission's PAS 63184 and enables fully automated compliance testing according to US Federal Communications Commission(FCC)'s KDB 680106 D01 and Canada's Innovation, Science and Economic Development(ISED) SPR-002 standards.

Paving the way to 6G: State-of-the-art antenna technology and LEO user terminals

New antenna capabilities

Auden is showcasing several new antenna-in-module (AIM) solutions in live demos at MWC 2024:

  • Near V-band 39G AIM: Already used by major telecoms carriers, this extremely high-frequency mmWave 5G antenna in module runs at 39 GHz frequency, close to the V band, which will be a key area for LEO satellites in the future. Able to outperform Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards, it delivers 256-QAM modulation and the highest bandwidth at the highest frequency band in 5G commercial wireless networks.
  • 28G AIM: Auden is solving the current path loss challenges of Frequency Range 2 (FR2) and FR3 with a 28 Ghz antenna with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technology to improve mmWave propagation and extend signal distances.

LEO user terminals

Also on display, Auden's low-earth orbit (LEO) user terminals will be newly available to customers this year and at 50% the size of initial designs. With high speed, low latency, and streamlined installation, these enable high-powered satellite communications, making them ideal for emergency services, Industry 4.0 and IoTdefense and military applications, maritime industries, logistics, and transportation.

Full range of RF antenna solutions

  • High-speed AIMs that deliver optimized network infrastructure, reduced latency and improved service quality:
    • FR3: 15G
    • FR2: 28G and 39G
  • Up-Down Frequency Converters outperform 3GPP standards for error vector magnitude
    • (EVM) and enable existing devices to access higher mmWave frequencies:
    • FR3: 15G
    • FR2: 28G and 39G
  • Indoor and outdoor O-RAN RUs

Furthermore, Auden offers over-the-air (OTA) chambers for antenna makers to test the capabilities of 5G mmWave products.

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