Skyworks' Has Produced More than 11 Billion RF Filters Since 2015

Skyworks' Has Produced More than 11 Billion RF Filters Since 2015

Skyworks added high-performance BAW (Bulk Acoustic Wave) and TC-SAW (Temperature Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave) Filters to its portfolio a few years ago as a result of the joint-venture-turned-acquisition of Panasonic Filter Solutions. By adding BAW filters, they expanded their total addressable market in mobile to support a wider array of customers, markets, and applications. These filter products are now developed in-house − and deliver cutting-edge solutions powering today’s high-performance connectivity platforms. Skyworks has produced more than 11 billion filters since 2015.

TC-SAW (Temperature Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave) is a traditional lower frequency process where the waves travel across the surface of the filter. Skyworks’ industry-leading TC-SAW filters increase temperature stability to enable higher performance in the crowded RF spectrum.

BAW utilizes the vertical structure of the filter to create higher-performance resonators. This technology is particularly beneficial for next-generation wireless standards, including Wi-Fi and 5G, as it provides better rejection, higher Q and support for the higher frequencies of these bands.

Skyworks’ high-performance filters are incorporated across multiple platforms − including its breakthrough Sky5 family − accelerating the deployment of 5G solutions for today’s connected world. Click here to learn more about Skyworks filter technologies.

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