SAG has Developed a Range of Robust RFID Tag Solutions for Industrial Applications

SAG has Developed a Range of Robust RFID Tag Solutions for Industrial Applications

SAG, a provider of RFID tagging solutions, has developed RFID-based solutions to enable industrial applications. Since the introduction of Industry 4.0, many factors have driven the revolution from jump to leap during these years. The applications in different domains become more tangible when different technologies are brought together. In an industrial plant, RFID provides higher visibility, eliminates manufacturing errors, and enables asset management. In contrast to barcode tracking, RFID can be read at the same time and has no restriction to line-of-sight. Simply put, there is no denying RFID plays a vital role and provides important values such as security, data collection, and communication within this scope. However, the implementation of RFID in industrial scenarios is sometimes complicated when there are so many requirements to meet and some challenges stand in the way.

Key Solutions Provided by SAG to Address Challenges in the use of RFID in Industrial Scenarios

Configuration Needs High Security and Memory

When logging large amounts of data in a factory or industrial scenario, operators often make mistakes while inputting these values. SAG has developed Keyfob and Cards for these applications. They have a large memory and high security to log these parameters.

Long Read Range while in Dense Metal

For in-process management, pipes and valves run across the production facility. Regular inspection is required to ensure safety and see if a repair job is necessary. However, pipe valves might not be easily accessible for the inspector to reach; either they are located up the ceiling or placed within the pipelines with dense metal interference. SAG provides a hard tag solution with a long read range that can tackle metal interference to realize easy management.

 Fasten a Cable Tie to Identify

For a loose item, cylinder, or pipe with a rounded surface, mounting a hard tag or adding a smart label becomes difficult. To deal with these, SAG has created cable tie tags in UHF or HF technology to fasten loose items while providing an ID number to assist asset management, item tracking and material work flow control. It can be applied on a metallic surface or items in irregular shape. Meanwhile, the one-time-use cable tie provides a tamper-proof function to enhance its security level.

Tag Built to Survive Harsh Environment

Temperature variations in harsh environments can often be a challenge. Many RFID tags stop working properly when the temperature is too high or low. Based on their know-how and expertise in material science, SAG has built hard tasg to survive extreme working conditions without compromising reading performance.

Miniaturization to Fit Small Items

For an item with limited space to apply a tag, SAG has a variety of miniaturized tags to go with small parts for asset management or machine-to-machine communication. Also, NFC Ferrite Tags (the smallest in 4 x 2 mm) are for both on-metal and non-metal use cases.

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