Trending Aerospace & Defense Products in 2024: April Edition

Trending Aerospace & Defense Products in 2024: April Edition

everything RF has compiled a list of RF/Microwave Aerospace and Defense Products that are trending on everything RF in April 2024. These products facilitate communication, navigation, surveillance, and electronic warfare capabilities in the aerospace and defense sectors. You can keep up to date with the Aerospace & Defense Industry from an RF point of view by visiting the A&D Hub page on everything RF.

Rugged, Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radio from 1 MHz to 7.2 GHz

The RX410 from Pixus Technologies is a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) with a frequency range from 1 MHz to 7.2 GHz. This is a ruggedized version of National Instruments (NI’s Ettus Research brand) X410 SDR. It is based on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU28DR RFSoC and delivers dual-channel transceiver speeds of up to 100 GbE. The SDR has options for conduction-cooled construction and an internal heater and fan for extreme temperatures. It requires a DC supply of 12 V and consumes less than 16 A of current. This can be controlled via Ethernet, USB, and GPIO interfaces. Read more

Direct RF Multi-Chip Module Powered by AMD SoCs

The RFS1140 from Mercury Systems is a Direct RF Multi-Chip Module System-in-Package (SiP) for broad-spectrum analysis. It combines the processing power of the AMD Versal™ AI Core series adaptive SoC, with Jariet Technologies’ high-speed data converters. This SiP employs data converters from Jariet Technologies with a sample rate of 64 Gsps and has an analog bandwidth of up to 32 GHz. This SiP has an integrated AMD Versal Adaptive SOC with 400 AI engines that provide up to 5x higher compute density for vector-based algorithms. It includes 4-channel ADC and DAC with conversion rates from 40 to 64 GSPS with a Jariet Electra-MA transceiver. Read more

40 W GaN Power Amplifier from 2 to 6 GHz for Military Jammers and Radars

The ADPA1113 from Analog Devices is a GaN Power Amplifier that operates from 2 to 6 GHz. It delivers an output power of 40 W (46 dBm) with a small signal gain of 40.5 dB and a power-added efficiency (PAE) of 39%. This amplifier is based on GaN technology and is ideal for continuous wave applications, such as military jammers and radars. It does not require external matching or AC coupling to achieve full-band operation and no external inductor is required to bias the amplifier. This power amplifier requires a DC supply of 28 V and consumes a quiescent current of 750 mA. The amplifier is available in a 14-lead LDCC package that measures 9.8 x 8.2 mm. Read more

25 W GaN Linear Power Amplifier from 6 to 12 GHz for Military Applications

The AB6.0012G4448AC from Elite RF is a Linear Power Amplifier that operates from 6 to 12 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 25 W with a small signal gain of 48 dB. This wideband amplifier is fabricated using GaN-on-SiC technology that offers high power density and low thermal resistance. It is equipped with thermal overload protection and over-voltage protection for high reliability. This amplifier also ensures high reverse isolation to further improve safety during operation. Read more

30 dB Low Noise Amplifier from 0.5 to 50 GHz

The PEC-30-0R5G50G-22-12-24FF from Planar Monolithics Industries is a Low Noise Amplifier that operates from 0.5 to 50 GHz. It provides a gain of 30 dB (±2.5 dB flatness), has a noise figure of less than 9 dB and a P1dB of over 17 dBm. This LNA requires a DC supply of 12 to 15 V and consumes 600 mA of current. It is available in a module that measures 1.37 x 1.00 x 0.60 Inches and has 2.44 mm-female connectors. Read more

Rugged 20 W GaN Power Amplifier from 2 to 6 GHz

The JA20006000P43 from RFTR Electronics is a Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA) that operates from 2 to 6 GHz. It delivers an output power of 20 W with a gain of 53 dB. This amplifier uses GaN-on-SiC transistors and has a solid-state class AB design. It can be enabled/disabled in 3 μs which makes it suitable for power saving during pulsed applications. This SSPA supports forward and reflected power monitoring and survives under Infinity:1 load VSWR conditions. Read more

1 kW GaN Solid-Sate Power Transmitter from 9 to 10 GHz

The VSX-3696ON from Communications & Power Industries (CPI) is a Solid-State Power Transmitter that operates from 9 to 10 GHz. It is designed and optimized for pulsed radars and airborne applications and utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency and excellent pulse fidelity. This X-Band transmitter delivers a saturated output power of 1 kW (with up to 10% duty cycle) with a spurious of better than -50 dBc and harmonics of -35 dBc. Read more

S-Band GaN Multimode Transmitter for Flight Test Programs

The mTTS-100-1 from Curtiss-Wright is an S-band Airborne Multimode Transmitter. It has a modern mechanical design that uses GaN RF device technology to deliver an output power of 5 W over the full S-band frequency range. This transmitter features advanced thermal management for high-temperature operation, without limiting RF performance when transmitting secure streaming telemetry. This embedded transmitter can be used for MnACQ, McDAU, and MDW-2020 data acquisition stacks with or without data encryption module capability. This transmitter supports PCM/FM (from 128 kbps to 20 Mbps), SOQPSK and Multi-H CPM (from 640 kbps to 40 Mbps) modulation schemes. Read more

Ultra Low Noise Amplifier from 0.4 - 3.0 GHz for Space and Military Applications

The TDLNA0430SEP from Teledyne e2v HiRel is a rad-tolerant UHF to S-band low noise amplifier that operates from 0.4 to 3 GHz. This high linearity amplifier has been developed for harsh environments where it can be used as a first-stage LNA for advanced satellite or military communication receivers or radar systems. It provides 21.5 dB of gain with a noise figure of 0.35 dB and has a P1dB of 18.5 dBm. The LNA requires a 5V supply and is available in a DFN package that measures 2 x 2 x 0.75 mm plastic package. Read more

L1/L2-Band Military-Grade GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock

The AR51-07 from AccuBeat is a GPS-Disciplined Rubidium Clock that operates in the L1 and L2 GPS bands. It can be phase-locked to the GPS signal or other external inputs with a timing accuracy of ±20 ns (RMS) and a frequency accuracy of ±2 x 10-12. This clock generates outputs that are derived from the Rubidium-Atomic-Standard to maintain accurate time and frequency even when GPS reception is interrupted. It consists of a GPS receiver (C/A code) and includes an option to install a P(Y) code SAASM GPS receiver that is capable of providing Ephemeris, Almanac, and ionospheric data. Read more

50 W Rugged Tactical Amplifier from 30 to 512 MHz

The AM3100 from Datron is a Tactical Amplifier that operates from 30 to 512 MHz. In the Tx chain, it delivers an output power of 50 W with a gain of 10 dB while in the Rx chain, it has a bandpass filter with an insertion loss of less than 1 dB. This amplifier has a Tx/Rx switching time of 100 μs. It supports FM, AM, and DIGITAL operating modes in both fixed-frequency and hopping modes (TRANSEC). This amplifier is designed to be mounted on the MT3100 and automatically switches online when the radio is inserted into the mount. It requires a DC supply from 12 to 24 V. The AM3100 is available in a rugged enclosure with BNC-female and N-type (female) connectors. Read more

10 W Termination from DC to 12.4 GHz

The 410-1 from MECA is a termination that operates from DC to 12.4 GHz. It can handle up to 10 W of average power and a peak power of up to 2 kW. This termination is available in a module that measures 2.50 x 0.64 inches with N-type (M) connectors. Read more

Surface-Mount Reflective SOI SPDT Switch from 0.02 to 50 GHz

The QPC0542 from Qorvo is an SOI SPDT Switch that operates from 0.02 to 50 GHz. It has a switching speed of 50 ns and provides more than 40 dB of isolation. This reflective switch can handle up to 1 W of input power and has an insertion loss of less than 2 dB. It requires a DC supply of 3.15 to 5.5 V and consumes 100 μA of current. The switch is available in a flip-chip on laminate-based QFN package that measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.92 mm and is ideal for test and measurement and electronic warfare applications. Read more

Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radio (SDR) from 1 MHz to 7.2 GHz

The USRP X410 from Ettus Research is a Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radio (SDR) that operates from 1 MHz to 7.2 GHz. It has a two-stage superheterodyne architecture with 4 independent TX and RX channels capable of 400 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth each. This SDR is built on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ ZU28DR RF System on Chip (RFSoC) with built-in digital up and down conversion and onboard Soft-Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) IP. It supports multi-radio clocking and timing synchronized operation with the built-in GPSDO (GPS disciplined oscillator) or the 10 MHz reference and 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) input signal interfaces. Read more

Space Qualified Fixed Chip Attenuators from DC to 20 GHz

The SPL Series from Smiths Interconnect are Fixed Chip Attenuators that operate up to 20 GHz. They are available in attenuation values from 0 to 20 dB and can handle input power of up to 5 W. These chip attenuators conform to the MIL-PRF-55342 standard and are 100% electrical, visual, and mechanical tested for use in space, military, and aerospace applications. These surface mount attenuators have an operating temperature range from -55 to 125°C. They are ideal for use in amplifier circuits, transmit/receive modules, Up/down converters, instrumentation, SATCOM, radar and broadcast applications. Read more

GPS/Galileo/SBAS GNSS Anti-Jam CRPA System for Military Applications

The TUALAJ 4100-MINI from TUALCOM is a GNSS Anti-Jam CRPA System that supports critical missions by providing jam free GNSS signals. It eliminates interference by applying novel beamforming techniques. The system has an embedded GNSS receiver (GPS L1/Galileo E1/SBAS) and is compatible with all types of external GPS receivers and vehicle navigation systems. It has an internal GNSS tracking sensitivity of -164 dBm and provides a nominal wideband suppression of more than 40 dB. The system requires a DC supply voltage of 5 V and consumes less than 6 W of power. Read more

4-Channel, Compact Anti-Jamming System for Airborne Applications

The DACU4c-7-6150 from Chelton is an Integrated GNSS Anti-Jamming System. It integrates a four-channel CRPA and advanced miniaturized GNSS anti-jam processing electronics into a compact package. This system can perform direction finding, jammer classification, and anti-spoofing functionalities in a single compact box, making it a low-SWaP solution. This M-code-compatible system uses an excision process to mitigate narrowband interference and creates directed nulls in the antenna pattern to reject broadband interference, which result in providing significant anti-jam protection even in highly dynamic multi-jammer environments. Read more

Rugged Tactical Radio for Vertical Height Antennas and Drones

The ORION X630 from Ultra I&C is a Tactical Radio designed to meet military standards including MIL-STD-810H. This two-channel UAV tactical radio supports multiple frequency bands on the same hardware, 4x4 MIMO for optimal resilience and capacity, and system integration with land, aerial and surface UAVs. It has native anti-jam and LPD capabilities and supports PTP, PMP and Mesh topologies. This tactical radio is pre-integrated with Vertical Height Antennas (VHA) platforms including Hoverfly HL Spectre and other antennas like BATS providing wide-area network coverage ideal in dense foliage or mountainous environments. Read more

Sub-6 GHz Military-Grade Antennas for Electronic Warfare Applications

The FMANOM114X Series from Fairview Microwave are Military-Grade Antennas that operate from 1.15 to 6 GHz. These vertically polarized antennas have an omnidirectional radiation pattern and provide a gain of 3.5 dBi. This antenna series consists of ruggedized GPS, manpack, and vehicle-mount antennas designed for mission-critical applications. Read more

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