Ampleon Sets New Standards of Compactness and Efficiency with its 13.56 MHz Demo Board for RF Energy

Ampleon Sets New Standards of Compactness and Efficiency with its 13.56 MHz Demo Board for RF Energy

Ampleon has introduced an ultra-compact 13.56 MHz demo board, centered around the ART2K0FE RF LDMOS power transistor. This demo board has redefined possibilities in the realm of RF applications where space is a premium, setting new standards for compactness, efficiency, power output, and reproducibility. It can be used for a wide range of Industrial, scientific and medical applications that include Plasma generators, MRI Systems, CO2 Lasers, Particle accelerators, UHF radar, communications and much more.

The key to this success lies in the meticulous design features of the demo board, each contributing to its exceptional performance and reliability. At the heart of the design is the ultra-compact board layout, ingeniously crafted to enable the creation of the most compact high-power RF generator. This achievement is a game-changer for applications where spatial constraints are a critical consideration.

The integration of a fully integrated Balun is a testament to the commitment to reliability. By eliminating the need for tuning in mass production, the Balun ensures the highest reproducibility, streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing the likelihood of variability in performance. The result is a consistently high level of quality, making the demo board an enabler for reliable and robust solutions in even the most demanding environments.

Thermal optimization is taken to the next level with a full thermal-optimized power amplifier (PA). This feature not only enhances the overall efficiency but also ensures that the demo board can operate at its peak performance levels without compromise.

One of the standout features is the single PCB board, offering a unique and straightforward approach to design tradeoffs between full power and maximum efficiency. This versatility empowers designers to tailor the solution to specific application requirements, providing flexibility without sacrificing performance.

The Ultra Compact 13.56 MHz demo board has surpassed all expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Its innovative design, coupled with the expertise of the Ampleon application team, has created a masterpiece that stands at the forefront of efficiency, power, and ruggedness in the market. As a beacon of technological advancement, this demo board sets a new standard for RF solutions, proving that compactness and high performance can indeed coexist seamlessly.

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