Narda-MITEQ Offers a Wide Range of RF / Microwave Products for Space Flight Missions

Narda-MITEQ Offers a Wide Range of RF / Microwave Products for Space Flight Missions

Narda-MITEQ, a provider of RF/Microwave and SATCOM solutions, offers a wide range of products for space-borne applications. For many years, Narda-MITEQ’s primary area of expertise for space products was in low-noise amplifiers. However, Narda-MITEQ has been able to provide a wide spectrum of products and designs by utilizing mature technology delivered on other high-reliability programs. With their extensive space experience, they have been able to use qualification data from their existing designs while delivering custom-engineered units, thereby offering reduced cost and shorter delivery times to our customers.

They have supplied hardware for space-flight missions for more than 50 years. Narda-MITEQ’s emphasis is predominantly on technically challenging requirements, particularly in the area of:

  • Custom-designed assemblies
  • Low-noise amplifiers
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Microwave mixers
  • High-performance up/downconverters
  • Oscillators
  • Logarithmic amplifiers
  • Receivers

Conformance To Customer Quality Requirements

Narda-MITEQ’s involvement in various high-reliability space programs represents a spectrum of programmatic and quality requirements, ranging from a process and test flow similar to that of MIL-PRF-38534 Class H or K to NASA EEE-INST-002. All open-die, thin-film products are manufactured and tested within Narda-MITEQ’s clean rooms (FED-STD-209, Class 100,000 and Class 10,000) according to program requirements.

In addition to compliance with stringent manufacturing controls, Narda-MITEQ possesses the capabilities to support the program management and extensive documentation requirements of your space contracts, including:

  • Configuration Control
  • Parts Derating
  • Design Analysis
  • Parts, Materials and Processes
  • Design Reviews
  • Process Documentation
  • Dynamic Stress
  • Radiation Susceptibility
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Traceability
  • MTBF
  • WCA

All analysis and support provided is based upon individual custom requirements as set forth in the customer's Statement of Work and/or specifications. Narda-MITEQ has established controls, procedures and a philosophy with the customer in mind. Delivering products that meet requirements has been paramount in all the programs they have supported throughout their history. Narda-MITEQ’s track record of performance and philosophy have secured their successes in the past and will guarantee their success in the future.

Manufacturing Flow

Narda-MITEQ has established in-house standards in manufacturing processes and product flow, however, their experience has proven that almost every program has its own set of unique requirements. Thanks to the flexibility of our organization, they have been successful in adapting their existing procedures to meet specific customer requirements where “special” issues need to be addressed.

Traceability of all parts, materials and processes is available through our controlled parts lists and manufacturing, process and flow documents. The extent of traceability can be dictated by the customer, or if required, it can be tailored to support cost-reduction needs.

Spaceborne Products

Narda-MITEQ has the expertise and knowledge to develop for the space field and earth-borne stations the products to keep up with today’s technology. Through various space programs, Narda-MITEQ has gained the trust of its customers worldwide. Some of the spaceborne products that Narda-MITEQ is capable of developing are listed below:

  • Amplifiers
  • Attenuators – PIN Diode
  • Bias Tees
  • Diode-Limiters
  • Directional Couplers
  • Four-Channel Downconverter
  • Frequency Discriminators
  • Frequency Generation Products
    • Frequency Synthesizers (VHF thru Ka)
    • Oscillators
      • Dual Output Ku-Band Phase-Locked Oscillator
      • Free-Running Oscillators (DROs)
      • Ku-Band Phase-Locked Oscillator
  • Hybrid Couplers 90 °/180 °
  • IF Logarithmic Amplifier
  • Microwave & Millimeter-Wave Conversion
    • Image Rejection Mixers
    • Mixers
  • Modulators
  • Multipliers
  • PIN Diode Switches
  • Power Dividers/Combiners
  • Receivers
  • RF/Microwave Assemblies

Spaceborne Applications

Narda-MITEQ’s involvement with spaceborne projects for over 33 years has included: radar imaging, oceanography, atmospheric, land and polar exploration, as well as the study of sea winds. Some Space products and applications that Narda-MITEQ has developed can be seen below:

  • Study the makeup of a comet
  • Communication and tracking data in the network
  • Navigate spacecraft (Mars Science Laboratory)
  • Health telemetry
  • Calibration synthesizer covering the 100 MHz to 1700 MHz Band
  • Phase-locked oscillator modules covering 0.9 GHz to 19.0 GHz

IF Signal Processor Products

  • Telemetry
  • Range measurements

Microwave and Millimeter–Wave Conversion Products

  • Low orbit-based Millimeter-Wave Radiometer
  • Mix RF signals in C-Band for transmitting and receiving purposes

Space & High-Reliability Oscillators/Synthesizers

  • Collect Long-Wavelength Infrared Radiation
  • Cover spectral range from far-infrared to Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths

High-reliability/Space Amplifiers

  • Communications with Earth Stations and between satellites
  • Radiometry

Passive Power Components

  • Communication with Earth Stations and tracking data
  • Spectral processing
  • Study in radioastronomy

Custom Integrated Assemblies

  • Measure microwave radiation emitted by ozone, chlorine compounds and other trace gases
  • Wideband downconverter
  • High-resolution downconverter

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