New Power Amplifier Startup Wants to Take on the likes of Qualcomm, Broadcom and Skyworks

New Power Amplifier Startup Wants to Take on the likes of Qualcomm, Broadcom and Skyworks

Falcomm, a fabless semiconductor technology startup founded in 2021 out of Georgia Tech, has developed the Dual-Drive™ power amplifier technology to maximize transmitter power and efficiency in wireless communication systems. After many decades without substantial innovation in power amplifier technology, they have developed a new class of solid-state power amplifiers, called the dual-drive™ PA. This technology represents a breakthrough in the search for an ultra-efficient power amplifier that will allow people with mobile-connected devices to spend less time looking for a charger and allow telecommunication operators and satellite companies to lower their operational expenses.

In most transceiver designs, power amplifiers dominate the overall transmitter efficiency and thermal performance. This new ultra-efficient, patented power amplifier is designed to increase the theoretical maximum efficiency limits of amplifiers beyond 78.5% making Dual-Drive™ technology a game changer for wireless systems. RF Power Amplifiers built using this technology have reached a record drain efficiency close to 65% at 28 GHz. The reduced thermal management and energy cost along with easy system design makes these amplifiers ideal for base stations, cellphones, radars and a range of other applications.

Key Benefits of Dual-Drive™ Power Amplifier Technology

  1. Best in class efficiency
  2. Plug-and-Play
  3. Frequency and process agnostic
  4. Small Silicon footprint
  5. 50-Ohm matching
  6. Lower thermal management cost
  7. Silicon proven technology
  8. Design flow that accurately models within 2% of measurements

To help customers adopt their new technology, they create full turn-key solutions, from your specifications to silicon. Their expertise spans RF/mmWave across CMOS, GaN, GaAs, and SiGe platforms. Their proprietary IP includes LNAs, T/R switches, TRx with beam steering capabilities, on-chip antennas, and the world’s most efficient power amplifiers.

Even before Falcomm became a commercial business, Georgia Tech had spent $5-6 million on supporting the development of its technology for six years. They then raised $4 Million in September 2023. They aim to be the industry-standard for power amplifiers and front-end-module products and want to compete with Qualcomm, Broadcom and Skyworks to do what Tesla did to the auto industry.

Click here to learn more about Falcomm's Dual-Drive™-based power amplifier products.

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