Nuvotronics Introduces New Surface-Mount Bandpass Filters and Diplexers for Radar and Defense Applications

Nuvotronics Introduces New Surface-Mount Bandpass Filters and Diplexers for Radar and Defense Applications

Nuvotronics, a leading innovator in the technology sector and game-changer in ultra-broadband and mmWave solutions, has once again taken a giant leap forward with the launch of its latest board-mountable RF bandpass filters and diplexer products. The PSD02040B2W, PSF29B22S, and PSF34B32S are a testament to Nuvotronics’ commitment towards pushing the boundaries of broadband technology and consistently meeting the requirements of radar and defense applications.

Key Features of the New Bandpass Filters and Diplexers


Each filter in this product family boasts robust characteristics. For example, the PSD02040B2W is a diplexer that has been designed over a passband from DC-18 GHz (lowpass) and 22-40 GHz (highpass). It is built based on Nuvotronics’ PolyStrata technology offering high performance in a small surface-mount package. This diplexer ensures low loss with high rejection in both low and highpass configuration, making it suitable for EW and test and measurement applications.


Likewise, the PSF29B22S is a bandpass filter that offers a passband from 18 to 40 GHz. It is built using PolyStrata technology that provides high broadband filtering performance in a small form factor. This filter uses surface-mount technology and has low insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB along with high rejection. It is therefore, compliant with the standard SMT assembly process with tape and reel packaging made available for bulk orders.


Finally, the PSF34B32S is an SMT bandpass filter delivering low-loss filtering performance over the passband from 18 to 50 GHz. It uses PolyStrata technology to deliver high filtering performance in a small SMT package. This filter provides a rejection of more than 30 dB in the stopband and has an insertion loss of less than 1.2 dB. These characteristics make it suitable for EW, radar, and SIGINT applications.

The availability of tape and reel packaging for bulk orders further enhances the convenience of integrating these products into various applications.

With CUBIC Nuvotronics’ latest millimeter-wave (mmWave) bandpass filters and diplexers, the industry is set to experience a significant shift in the performance of wireless communication systems. As these products become adopted in space and defense applications, they are expected to shape the future of telecommunications and other applications that are yet to come.

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