ETS-Lindgren to Exhibit its Test Solutions at IEEE EMC MiniSymposium and EMC Fest 2024

ETS-Lindgren to Exhibit its Test Solutions at IEEE EMC MiniSymposium and EMC Fest 2024

ETS-Lindgren, the global leader in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Frequency (RF) Measurement Solutions, has announced its participation in two upcoming industry tabletop events: the IEEE EMC MiniSymposium and EMC Fest 2024.

The IEEE EMC MiniSymposium takes place May 14 at Chandlers in Schaumburg, Illinois, and EMC Fest 2024 happens on May 16 at the Embassy Suites in Livonia, Michigan.  Both serve as pivotal platforms for industry professionals to explore the latest advancements in EMC technology.  ETS-Lindgren is poised to exhibit its innovative solutions at both locations, providing attendees with invaluable insights into the future of EMC test and measurement.

At the IEEE EMC MiniSymposium, ETS-Lindgren will present its comprehensive Test and Measurement Solutions Full Line Brochure.  This brochure encapsulates the breadth and depth of ETS-Lindgren's offerings, showcasing its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the EMC industry. Furthermore, ETS-Lindgren will feature four pieces of its cutting-edge EMC-24PCL absorber, coated with FlexSorb™ technology.  This innovative coating enhances the absorber's performance and durability, ensuring optimal EMC testing conditions and delivering unparalleled accuracy in measurement results.

Meanwhile, at EMC Fest 2024, ETS-Lindgren will once again demonstrate its dedication to excellence by showcasing its Top 10 Considerations for Automotive EMC Chamber Design and Testing Brochure alongside the Test and Measurement Solutions Full Line Brochure.  These materials describe ETS-Lindgren's specialized solutions for the automotive sector, empowering visitors to address unique industry EMC challenges. 

"We are thrilled to participate in the IEEE EMC MiniSymposium and EMC Fest 2024, where we will feature our latest solutions designed to furnish industry professionals with the tools they need to overcome EMC challenges," said Kevin Baldwin, Director, Regional Sales at ETS-Lindgren.  "Our comprehensive, advanced technology demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the field of EMC test and measurement.  In addition, we are happy to support the IEEE EMC Society Chicago and Southeastern Michigan Chapters, the respective organizers of these annual tabletop shows.  They always do a great job!"

Participants at both events are encouraged to visit the ETS-Lindgren tabletop displays to learn more about the company's pioneering solutions and engage with its team of experts.

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