Micro-Ant Designs and Manufacturers Custom Advanced Parabolic Antenna Solutions for Satellite Communication

Micro-Ant Designs and Manufacturers Custom Advanced Parabolic Antenna Solutions for Satellite Communication

Micro-Ant, a company that designs, develops and manufactures custom antennas for land, maritime and aerospace applications, has developed a range of Parabolic Antennas to meet the specific requirements of their customers. They have a long history of designing and manufacturing custom backfire solutions including feeds, polarizers, OMTs, diplexers, filters, and other waveguide components. They consistently achieve high gain and high efficiency and low side lobe levels maximizing EIRPSD and G/T. They have significant experience optimizing for pattern mask requirements in small aperture solutions (as small as 8in) while maintaining high gain.

A parabolic antenna uses a dish-shaped reflector to focus radio waves, providing high directivity and narrow beamwidths. Similar to a searchlight, it directs waves in a specific direction or receives them from one source. Commonly known as dish antennas, they excel in UHF and microwave frequencies due to their large reflectors relative to wavelength sizes. Parabolic antennas are used as high-gain antennas for point-to-point communications, in applications such as microwave relay links that carry telephone and television signals between nearby cities, wireless WAN/LAN links for data communications, satellite communications, and spacecraft communication antennas.

The Micro-Ant company has also developed solutions for wideband systems, including their newest ultra-wideband Ka antennas covering the entire 3.5 GHz frequency band for both transmit and receive. These new antennas maximize EIRPSD and G/T while meeting ARSTRAT’s stringent axial ratio specification for both Tx and Rx. Over 20 years, they have developed hundreds of custom systems and added best practices in design and manufacturing that ensure these systems can operate in the harshest environments with simple and robust assembly features.

Their RF Testing Team are experts at the certification requirements of satellite and government agencies, and they participate in the design and qualification process from the moment they receive the customer specifications. Every antenna that Micro-Ant sells is fully tested before shipping.

They also supply segmented and non-segmented parabolic carbon fiber reflectors manufactured by KORE Composites for man-pack and fly-away antennas that meet stringent reflectivity, rigidity, and RMS lacking in many other suppliers’ reflectors.

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