dB Control Awarded Orders Worth $10.8 Million for mmWave MPMs and TWTAs to Support Secure SATCOM

dB Control Awarded Orders Worth $10.8 Million for mmWave MPMs and TWTAs to Support Secure SATCOM

dB Control, a supplier of mission-critical (often sole-source) products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors, and commercial manufacturers, was awarded two contracts worth a total of $10.8 million for millimeter wave microwave power modules and traveling wave tube amplifiers to support secure satellite communications. The company is manufacturing mmWave MPMs that will be installed on military fighter aircraft and is developing MPMs and TWTAs for the Advanced Extremely High-Frequency System (AEHF) joint service satellite communications system.  

Millimeter-wave high-power products are essential for next-generation tactical networks, electronic warfare systems, airborne datalinks, and satellite communications as they transition to higher frequency spectrums. The technology provides much higher bandwidth, increased connectivity with more channels, and faster exchange of data during tactical communication – all of which are essential to help the military defend against newly discovered threats.  

For example, the new AEHF joint service satellite communications system under development by the Department of Defense will provide survivable, global, secure, protected, and jam-resistant communications for high-priority military ground, sea, and air assets. It will enable the DoD to control tactical and strategic forces through all levels of conflict and support the attainment of space superiority for the joint space force. 

“For AEHF and other satcom applications, millimeter wave TWTAs and MPMs must be equipped to withstand extremely complex conditions and operate reliably in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, and altitudes above sea level,” said dB Control Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Lee. “dB Control’s experienced engineers design products for reliability under all conditions. This has resulted in multiple orders for our millimeter wave high-power products for airborne, maritime, and ground mobile deployments.” 

More information about dB Control’s key millimeter wave TWTAs and MPMs are listed below.

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