EM Research Offers Rugged Frequency Generation and Signal Conversion Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

EM Research Offers Rugged Frequency Generation and Signal Conversion Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

EM Research, a company that designs and manufactures frequency generation products, signal conversion solutions, and integrated microwave assemblies for various defense industries, is offering RF/Microwave frequency generation and signal conversion products for integration into aerospace systems, from low-orbit satellites to unmanned aerial vehicles, to military and aviation systems both in the air and on the ground.

Designed for Challenging Environments

At EM Research, their frequency generation and signal conversion solutions are the best kept secret of pioneers across aviation and aerospace. The company has partnered with key aerospace innovators to deliver ruggedized sources that meet the most demanding requirements and high vibration tolerances for use in airborne environments. From low-earth orbit to ground control systems, EM Research’s technology is behind many recent advancements that are shaping the industry.

Aerospace leaders rely on EM Research to design innovative solutions and deliver in a timely manner. The pace of progress doesn’t slow down, and thanks to their efficient processes and quality management system, they are able to deliver high-performance, ruggedized solutions to keep research and defense projects continuously moving forward.

Key Industries where EM Research RF Products are Being Integrated

Aviation and Unmanned Systems

EM Research solutions are at home in the skies. Their configurable solutions are instrumental in communications and guidance systems in manned military aircraft like the F-16 fighter jet, to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as Predator and GlobalHawk.

Sounding Rockets

EM Research has designed frequency generation solutions for use within systems that enable scientific research in the earth’s upper atmosphere. EM Research technology is powering sub-orbital flight for commercial, academic and government applications.

Missile Systems

Precision guidance is mission-critical for ballistic missile systems. The company has developed specialized designs for both fixed wing and guided missiles to ensure accuracy from launch to delivery. Their technology is an instrumental component to many U.S. and allied systems.

EM Research designs and manufactures configurable frequency generation and signal conversion solutions for communications, SATCOM, aerospace, military and commercial wireless applications. Their technology is integral to complex systems that keep the nation safe, advance scientific research and enhance global communication. With decades of engineering expertise across a broad range of frequency bands, along with an ISO-certified manufacturing facility and relentless customer service, EM Research provides full spectrum innovation that drives clients’ mission success.

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