MtronPTI Introduces High-Power Multi-Octave N-Plexers for Electronic Warfare Applications

MtronPTI Introduces High-Power Multi-Octave N-Plexers for Electronic Warfare Applications

Building on the success of n-plexers developed over the past decade, MtronPTI has introduced high-power handling multi-octave n-plexers for electronic warfare (EW) applications. These products are available in lumped element, cavity and suspended substrate topologies. The versatility and performance of multi-octave n-plexers empower modern EW systems with the capabilities crucial for effective threat detection and response.

Key Features and Benefits of Multi-Octave n-Plexers

Reception and Analysis of Spread-Spectrum Signals: Facilitates real-time analysis and processing across a broad spectrum of signals which is essential for promptly identifying and responding to threats in dynamic electromagnetic environments.

Better Signal to Noise Ratio: Enhances the signal-to-noise ratio by isolating desired signals from background noise. This heightened sensitivity empowers EW systems to detect and track weaker signals amidst the most challenging spectrum conditions.

Agility and Adaptability: Muti-octave n-plexers enable rapid frequency switching and response to emerging threats. Used in modern electronic warfare tactics like frequency-hopping and direct-sequence spread-spectrum techniques.

Filter 1: Three channels: 1-2GHz, 2.2-3.8GHz and 4.2-8.0GHz 

Filter 2: Two channels: 3.6-6.5 GHz, 10.5-18.0 GHz

MtronPTI is a leading provider of filters, oscillators, and solutions for defense and aerospace applications. With a legacy of innovation spanning nearly 60 years, MtronPTI continues to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable and high-performance products and solutions.

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