Cambium Networks' ePMP 4600 Certified by FCC and ISEDC for Outdoor 6 GHz Fixed Wireless Applications

Cambium Networks' ePMP 4600 Certified by FCC and ISEDC for Outdoor 6 GHz Fixed Wireless Applications

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of networking solutions, announced that service providers, enterprises, and industrial network operators in the USA and territories as well as Canada are now able to commercially deploy greater than 1 Gbps speeds with ePMP 4600 6 GHz outdoor fixed wireless. The FCC has fully approved Cambium's ePMP 4600 and 4600L access points and Force 4625 and 4600C subscriber modules to operate commercially in the 6 GHz band. The 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum uses an Automatic Frequency Coordination (AFC) service which is also fully approved and operational. The solution has been tested in more than 130 broadband service providers under the FCC's experimental license program. Canada's ISEDC has also approved the use of this same set of products throughout all provinces.

"With the experimental license program, this is one of our most rigorously field-tested technologies," said Morgan Kurk, president and CEO of Cambium Networks. "Cambium's ONE Network offers a complete proven solution. When ePMP is combined with LIDAR-based planning tools, centralized cloud management with AI-enabled monitoring, Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization, and cnMatrix TX series switching solutions, broadband service providers can confidently deliver exceptional business and residential connectivity at compelling price points."

"WISPA is pleased to see the advancement of the 6 GHz Part 15 Band through the approval of fully FCC-tested and certified compatible equipment, which will be the basis for a robust new shared ecosystem.  We congratulate Cambium's ONE Network-approved products, as well as the others who were approved by the FCC's action" indicated, Richard Bernhardt, VP, Spectrum and Industry for WISPA - Broadband without Boundaries." 

ePMP 4600 6 GHz fixed wireless broadband technology
The ePMP 4600 is the fourth generation of Cambium's ePMP platform and supports the entire 6 GHz spectrum (UNII-5 and UNII-7). Millions of Cambium Networks ePMP radios have been deployed globally leveraging this proven, scalable technology for over 10 years. The ePMP platform delivers scalability with up to 120 subscribers per sector, interference tolerance with MU-MIMO and beamforming, and capacities of up to 4 Gbps per sector. With the ePMP 4600, operators can affordably deliver service in either low-density rural areas or high-density suburban areas, with low TCO aligned to market economics.

ePMP 4600 platform differentiators:

  • Scalability and interference mitigation based on its unique air interface.
  • Over the air efficiency with 802.11ax standard and overlays ePMP features such as TDD synchronization, SmartQoS and frame optimization.
  • Noise isolation with orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA), multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) in both the uplink and downlink directions on the short-term roadmap, and TDD synchronization.

ePMP 6 GHz Force 4625 Fixed Wireless Subscriber Module
The Force 4600 Series of Subscriber Module (SM's) are available in two form factors: the Force 4600C connectorized and the Force 4625 with integrated antenna.

Both models include the following:

  • High capacity and latencies less than 5 ms when using ePMP technology. Proven air interface on top of 802.11ax technology
  • Interoperability with the ePMP 4600 Series AP which uses MU-MIMO to achieve more than 4 Gbps per sector by transmitting to two ePMP 4600 Series SM's simultaneously.
  • Security features meeting the requirements of enterprise, industrial, government and service provider users.
  • Management by Cambium Networks cnMaestro™ management system for easy provisioning, monitoring and upgrades.
  • Network planning with LINKPlanner and cnHeat.
  • 3-year hardware warranty and support from Cambium Networks.
  • Each SM comes with a Power over Ethernet injector and pole mount hardware included.
  • The Force 4600C and Access Points include an onboard GPS mechanism for geolocation data. For the Force 4625 this GPS receiver is ordered separately.

Automated Frequency Coordination – Simplified and at No Additional Cost
Cambium Networks equipment can operate across 850 MHz of the 6 GHz spectrum band allocated by the FCC and 1200 MHz allocated by the Canadian authorities. Cambium Networks is working closely with and leveraging Qualcomm Technologies' turnkey Automated Frequency Coordination Suite. Cambium Networks makes the AFC process transparent to the service provider. With the AFC interface built into the radio, the service provider can easily use the AFC service with no extra charge or hassle.

6 GHz Spectrum Availability Tool
The 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum in the United States and Canada requires each radio to connect to the AFC (Automatic Frequency Coordination) service. This interface is included in each 6 GHz radio and reports back which channels are available at the location where the radio is deployed. Cambium's 6 GHz Spectrum Availability Tool gives operators the ability to pre-check the channels available at any location of their choosing. Simply select the location where you intend to deploy 6 GHz and the tool responds with the channel and power level availability you could see when deploying the radio at that location. This tool will be available in the very near future.

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ONE Network for Service Providers
Cambium's ONE Network provides a complete networking infrastructure portfolio along with cnMaestro X single pane of glass management for the entire network that enables enterprises and service provider operators to simplify operations with a secure converged network. With a comprehensive view from edge to cloud, network operators can easily manage ONE network fabric of multiple types of technologies from a central location. Technologies include:

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