Flexible, High Precision Cables Assemblies for High-Density and Modular Test Applications up to 110 GHz

Flexible, High Precision Cables Assemblies for High-Density and Modular Test Applications up to 110 GHz

In a significant leap forward for high-frequency applications, Huber+Suhner has introduced the Sucotest™ 110 Series of cable assemblies that operate up to 110 GHz. These flexible, armored cables have 1.0 mm connectors and meet the exacting demands of precise measurements, resulting in a paradigm shift in the realm of test setups.

Boasting a ruggedized design, Sucotest™ 110 cables offer unparalleled durability, ensuring dependable electrical performance even in the most demanding conditions. With exceptional amplitude and phase stability, these cables maintain their integrity against flexure, crush, and torque, making them the go-to choice for high-density and modular test configurations.

The key to Sucotest™ 110's success lies in its superior return loss and rugged construction, guaranteeing extended service life and reliable performance across a wide range of applications. Stock assemblies are readily available in 6, 12, and 18-inch lengths, complete with male and female 1.0 mm connectors, offering flexibility and convenience without compromise.

What sets Sucotest™ 110 apart is not just its exceptional performance, but also its commitment to customer satisfaction. With short delivery times, clients can count on swift access to these cutting-edge cable assemblies, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Key Specifications:

  • Connectors: 1.0 mm (male/female)
  • Velocity of Propagation (%): 70
  • Return Loss (dB): Typical 19.0, Minimum 14.7
  • Insertion Loss (dB/m): Typical 19.8
  • Amplitude Stability vs. Flexure (dB): Typical ±0.15, Maximum ±0.2
  • Phase Stability vs. Flexure (°): Typical ±10, Maximum ±20
  • Flex Cycles: Typical 15,000

These specifications underscore Sucotest™ 110's unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering high mechanical and stable electrical performance with an excellent price-performance ratio. With Sucotest™ 110 microwave test cable assemblies, customers can rest assured that they are investing in reliability, precision, and innovation.

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