AnaPico Launches APLC and APHSP High-Performance Analog Signal Generators up to 54 GHz

AnaPico Launches APLC and APHSP High-Performance Analog Signal Generators up to 54 GHz

AnaPico has introduced the APLC and APHSP series of high-performance analog signal generators to cover frequency ranges up to 54 GHz and 51 GHz, respectively. Alongside the previously introduced APSIN and APULN series, AnaPico now offers a comprehensive range of signal generators tailored to meet various performance needs, allowing engineers to choose the optimal instrument with the best performance-price ratio.

The APLC and APHSP series provide an output power exceeding 15 dBm at higher frequencies. Both product series support all analog modulation schemes. When benchmarked against similar market offerings, the APLC and APHSP stand out with the following unique performance features: 

  • Lowest Phase Noise: With phase noise levels reaching -97 dBc/Hz (APLC and APHSP) at 100 Hz, and -130 dBc/Hz (APLC) and -139 dBc/Hz (APHSP) at 20 kHz from 10 GHz, both instruments boast the lowest phase noise among market competitors.
  • Fastest Frequency Switching: Consistent with our other signal sources, the APLC and APHSP achieve switching times faster than 15 μs and 5 μs, respectively, enabling rapid frequency sweeping. 
  • High Signal Purity: Harmonics, subharmonics, and spurious signals are minimized, achieving levels as low as -60 dBc and -70 dBc, respectively. 
  • Multi-Channel Models with Strong Phase Coherence: A single 19” 2 HU module can host up to 4 independent channels, with multiple modules phase-coherently synchronizable. 

These high-performance signal generators are poised to unlock numerous applications, including wireless communications (MIMO and beamforming), radar and electronic warfare (phased array radars and electronic countermeasures), quantum computing research, and various industrial, medical, and metrological test and measurement (T&M) requirements. 

“Over the past two decades, AnaPico has continuously advanced the key performance metrics of analog signal sources. We are thrilled to introduce these latest instrument series, completing our portfolio of analog signal sources,” commented Dr. Jakub Kucera, CEO of AnaPico AG.

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AnaPico will be showcasing these products at IMS 2024 in Washington DC next week. Click here to see IMS 2024 coverage on everything RF.

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