MilliBox to Demonstrate Multiple Test & Measurement Solutions at IMS 2024 Next Week

MilliBox to Demonstrate Multiple Test & Measurement Solutions at IMS 2024 Next Week

MilliBox, the leader in compact benchtop mmWave anechoic chambers and antenna positioners, has announced several demonstrations that will be displayed during IMS 2024 in Washington DC next week. They will showcase four demonstrations at MilliBox booth 705 and three other demonstrations at partner booths.

At MilliBox Booth 705, they will showcase the following:

Demo 1: MilliBox unveils its new Compact Antenna Test Range system MBX32CTR. It consists of an MBX32 chamber and a GIM04-300E positioner, and with the addition of a parabolic reflector and probe, it eliminates the far-field distance constraints. This demonstration was brought together through cooperation with Eravant who developed the reflector and the probe as well as the frequency extenders for this system. The live demonstration shows a full 3D radiation pattern from 110 GHz to 170 GHz being captured and displayed in real-time.

Demo 2: MilliBox will also demonstrate its innovative approach to mmWave radar sensor testing with the combination of MBX32R chamber, GIM04-300X 3-axis antenna positioner and LIN04 linear actuated radar target controller. This brings news possibilities in radar characterization and tuning in mmWave and sub-THz domain. It will showcases MBX03 chamber with GIM05-340, a Spherical Roll 3-axis positioner, capable of native 3D radiation pattern with very wide unobstructed view angle.

Demo 3: Millibox will show the benefit of using the StabilityPlus line of RF cable assemblies from Maury Microwave for routing mmWave signals to a device under test mounted on MilliBox GIM04-230X 3-axis antenna positioner. Effectively routing RF signals in such a multi-axis positioner can be a challenge, but Maury’s flexible coax are amplitude and phase stable which make them ideal for such applications. This demonstrates the wide range of GIM04 motions and the suitability of Maury Microwave cables for 3D OTA measurements.

Booth 1939 (Eravant): Eravant will be presenting its integration of MilliBox GIM04-300E for its new Open Bed Compact Range with 150 mm of quiet zone. The use of a 3D positioner for this application allows for OTA measurement of a high precision 3D radiation pattern. Because GIM04-300E can mount sub-THz frequency extenders, this solution is suitable for measurements from 24 GHz to 170 GHz.

Booth 1111 (CMT): Copper Mountain Technologies will showcase its new OTA-2H completely integrated OTA test system developed in cooperation with Eravant and MilliBox. MilliBox contributes a full chamber MBX32 and a positioner GIM04-300E, Eravant contributes the frequency extenders from the STO series up to 220 GHz, and Copper Mountain Technologies supplies the USB VNA Cobalt 4209. This constitutes the most accessible full OTA system package on the market.

IEEE Student Design Competition 5: One of several student competitions organized by IEEE society this year asks students to compete for the best 3D-printed mmWave Dual Band Antenna Design. MilliBox provides the portable anechoic 6 ft chamber MBX03 and the GIM05-340 3D Spherical Roll 3-axis positioner, for the gain measurement of the contender’s designs, the key metric in this competition.

“We launched MilliBox at IMS in Philadelphia six years ago and since then, the demand for our products has risen continuously. We are pleased to see that this market ubiquity is reflected in this year’s iteration of the IMS exhibition. As MilliBox is becoming a staple feature in many mmWave labs around the world, more partners and customers are happy to show their enthusiasm for our product portfolio,” declared Dr Chinh H Doan founder and CEO of Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc, the company behind MilliBox Product Line.

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