SES Networks Uses Tri-band, Multi Orbit Antenna for its Ku, Ka & C-band Satellites

Global satellite connectivity provider, SES Networks has selected the world’s first and only tri-band, multi-orbit, 2.4-meter antenna, the Intellian v240MT, for use on its Ku, Ka and C-band satellites. Intellian’s 2.4m multi-band, Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) broadband antennas provide seamless access to virtually any satellite constellation within seconds. These frequency-agile and orbit-agnostic capabilities, enabled by Intellian’s innovative antennas and its new Intelligent Mediator Solution, ensure that the equipment’s capabilities are future-proof for customers seeking the fastest and most reliable broadband connectivity.

The new v240MT solution provides the unique capability of switching between different satellite frequency bands (C, Ku, and Ka) as needed without any user intervention required. This then ensures the best solution for the geographic location and flexibility in achieving the highest throughput. Intellian’s solution, when combined with SES Networks’ satellite-based services, provides truly global, tri-band, multi-orbit coverage that delivers connectivity scaling from 100 Mbps through to multiple Gbps of dedicated capacity to a single vessel.

As the only satellite operator offering communications services that leverage GEO and MEO satellites, SES Networks strongly believes that a multi-orbit, multi-band maritime solution delivers the optimal combination of performance, reliability and, ultimately, user experience at sea. The capabilities of Intellian’s new antennas contribute to a frictionless user experience and have the potential to enable customers and their end users to fully benefit from SES’ unique multi-orbit approach.

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