Qorvo Acquires Custom MMIC to Expand its mm-Wave Product Offering

Qorvo Acquires Custom MMIC to Expand its mm-Wave Product Offering

Last month, during their 3rd Quarter Financial Results, Qorvo announced the acquisition of  Custom MMIC and Decawave. According to the 3rd Quarter Transcript, both companies were acquired for about $500 Million. Over two-thirds of this was for Decawave and the remaining was for Custom MMIC. This means that Qorvo would have acquired Custom MMIC for $100-150 Million.

Custom MMIC is a supplier of high-performance GaAs and GaN monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) for defense, aerospace, and commercial applications. The company will now become part of Qorvo’s Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) business. At Qorvo, the Custom MMIC team will continue to expand its millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) capabilities for products used in defense phased array and AESA radars, electronic warfare, satellite communications, wireless backhaul, and microwave test equipment.

Custom MMIC's best-in-class die and packaged components augment Qorvo’s power amplifiers to enable multi-chip modules for a broad range of defense, aerospace, and commercial applications. Qorvo is looking to build on Custom MMIC’s reputation as an outstanding strategic supplier to leading defense prime customers, as the Company is expanding its mm-Wave capabilities and product offerings for defense and commercial markets, including 5G.

Chelmsford, Massachusetts-based Custom MMIC was founded in 2006 and has extensive experience developing MMICs at frequencies up to 70 GHz. Custom MMIC adds small-signal mm-Wave expertise and a portfolio of various products including LNAs, mixers, attenuators, phase shifters, and switches. Custom MMIC president and CTO, Paul Blount has joined Qorvo as a director of engineering for Infrastructure and Defense Products.

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