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MBA3F-H3A Image

The MBA3F-H3A from CCI is a Three-Beam Antenna that operates from 3400 to 3800 MHz. This ±45° dual-polarized antenna has six ports (two ports per beam) with 2x2 MIMO capability. It provides a gain of 22.3 dBi, has an azimuth beamwidth of 17.6° and an elevation beamwidth of 5.4°. The antenna has LTE optimized beams the provide improved data throughput by minimizing beam crossover and efficient use of radio capacity and the frequency spectrum. It enables maximum spectrum re-use by sectorization, greatly increasing network capacity. The single panel design of this antenna offers the opportunity to reduce antenna count and directly replace multiple narrow beam antennas.

The MBA3F-H3A has a front-to-back ratio of more than 35 dB and provides a cross-polar port-to-port isolation of over 25 dB. It can handle a CW input power of 200 W, has a VSWR of less than 1.5:1, and a passive intermodulation (2x20W) of less than -140 dBc. The antenna minimizes the need for optimization as each beam is spaced optimally for maximum throughput thus providing significant CAPEX and OPEX cost savings. It is available in an enclosure that measures 904 x 328 x 160 mm with 4.3-10 (female) connectors and allows 4° electrical tilt. The antenna is suitable for use at Fixed Wireless Access, data hotspots, and other locals, where high capacity and high data rates are required.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Communication Components Inc
  • Description
    2x2 MIMO Three-Beam LTE Antenna from 3400 to 3800 MHz

General Parameters

  • Application
    LTE, Fixed Wireless Access
  • Type
  • Directionality
  • Ports
    6 Ports
  • Frequency
    3400 to 3800 MHz
  • Frequency Band 1
    3400 to 3800 MHz
  • Bands
    Single Band
  • Polarization
    Dual Slant (±45 Degrees)
  • Gain
    22.3 dBi
  • Azimuth Adjustment
    17.6 Degrees
  • Elevation Adjustment
    5.4 Degrees
  • Downtilt
    4 Degrees
  • Mounting
    Pole Mount
  • Front to Back Ratio
    35 dB
  • Power
    200 W
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • VSWR
  • Isolation
    25 dB
  • Dimensions
    35.6×12.9×6.3 in (904×328×160 mm)
  • Weight
    22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)
  • Connector
    4.3-10 - Female
  • Tilt
  • Tilt Type
  • Wind Velocity Survival
    > 150 mph (> 241 kph)
  • Lightning Protection
    DC Ground
  • RoHS

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