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The 550Z Series from AVX Corporation are Microwave Multilayer Capacitors (MLCs) that operate from 160 kHz to 70+ GHz. They have a capacitance of 10 nF and an insertion loss of less than 0.4 dB. These MLCs can handle DC voltages up to 10 V and have a dielectric withstanding voltage of 250% rated voltage for 5 seconds. They can operate at a temperature range from -55 to 125 °C and have a temperature coefficient of capacitance at ±22 %. These capacitors are manufactured with highest quality materials to provide reliable and repeatable performance and are ideal for DC Blocking, Coupling, Bypassing and Feedback applications.

The 550Z Series MLCs are available in one-piece 0201 SMT packages that are orientation-insensitive and fully compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing. They are ideal for applications in optoelectronics, high speed data systems, transimpedance amplifiers, Receive & Transmit Optical Sub Assembly (ROSA/TOSA), Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET), broadband test equipment, and broadband microwave/mmWave technology. These capacitors are also available with gold terminations.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    550Z Series
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    10 nF Ultra-Broadband Capacitor from 160 kHz to 70 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Ceramic Capacitors, MLCC
  • Capacitance
    10 nF
  • Frequency
    160 kHz to 70 GHz
  • Dielectric Material
  • Form Factor
    Surface Mount
  • Insulation Resistance
    10 to 100 MOhms
  • Insertion Loss
    0.4 dB
  • Voltage (WVDC)
    6.3 to 10 V
  • Case Size
  • Termination
    Gold Plated over Nickel Barrier, Tin Plated over Nickel Barrier
  • Package
    Tape & Reel
  • ROHS
  • Operating Temperature
    -55 to 125 Degree C
  • Note
    Applications : Optoelectronics, Transimpedance Amplifiers, ROSA/TOSA, SONET, Broadband Test Equipment, Broadband Microwave/Millimeter Wave

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