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The ADF4368 from Analog Devices is a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer that can generate frequencies from 800 MHz to 12.8 GHz. This ultra-low jitter synthesizer is based on integer-N and fractional-N phase-locked loops (PLL) that integrate a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) to support frequency conversion applications. It does not require an internal doubler to generate the desired output frequency which eliminates the need for sub-harmonic filters. The synthesizer includes a 25-bit fixed modulus that provides a frequency resolution of 1 Hz with an additional 17-bit modulus, which allows even finer resolution and flexibility for frequency planning. It requires DC supplies of 3.3 and 5 V.

The ADF4368 offers a simplistic solution that eases development time with a simplified SPI register map, external SYNC input, and repeatable multi-chip phase alignment in both integer and fractional modes. It has a jitter of less than 30 fs and a noise floor of -160 dBc/Hz (at 12.8 GHz). This synthesizer uses the SYNC input or EZSync™ to align multiple synthesizer outputs to support multiple frequency conversions systems, such as phased array radar or massive MIMO. A programmable reference to output delay with less than 1 ps resolution is provided for applications that require a deterministic delay or delay adjustment capability. It is available in a Land Grid Array (LGA) package that measures 7 x 7 mm and is ideal for aerospace, defense, test and measurement, and wireless infrastructure (MC-GSM, 5G) applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Analog Devices
  • Description
    High-Performance Microwave Frequency Synthesizer from 800 MHz to 12.8 GHz

General Parameters

  • Synthesizer Type
    Fixed Frequency
  • PLL Type
    Fractional-N, Integer-N
  • Frequency
    0.8 to 12.8 GHz
  • Resolution
    8 bits
  • Step Size
    1 ps
  • Reference Frequency
    10 to 4000 MHz
  • Application
    Aerospace, Military, Test & Measurement, Wireless Infrastructure
  • Output Power
    9 dBm
  • Interface
    SPI / TTL / Others
  • Supply Voltage
    3.3 or 5 V
  • Current
    185 to 210 mA
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Package
    48-Lead LGA
  • Dimension
    7 x 7 x 1.15 mm
  • Grade
    Commercial, Military
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 105 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -65 to 125 Degree C
  • RoHS

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