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MAGTREX 555 Image

The MAGTREX 555 from Rogers are high impedance laminates that enable antenna designers to miniaturize VHF and UHF antennas while maintaining the bandwidth achieved in a larger design. These laminates feature a closely matched X/Y axis permeability and permittivity of six and six and a half respectively, along with low magnetic and dielectric loss below 500 MHz. MAGTREX 555 laminates are based on a ceramic / PTFE composite system, manufactured in a process similar to Rogers Corporation&rsquos popular RT/duroid® laminates.

These high impedance laminates feature a low X, Y, Z CTE closely matched to copper for thermal reliability and are available in thicknesses from 20 to 250 mils. They are offered with or without copper cladding. 

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    MAGTREX 555
  • Manufacturer
    Rogers Corporation
  • Description
    Low Loss High Impedance Laminates

General Parameters

  • Dk (Dielectric Constant)
    5.3 to 6.5
  • Td
    500 Degrees C
  • Thickness
    0.254 to 6.35 mm
  • Electrical Strength
    131 V/Mil
  • Peel Strength
    3.1 pli
  • Surface Resistivity
    174 MOhms
  • Volume Resistivity
    615 mOhmsCM
  • Dielectric Breakdown
    14.35 kV
  • Poisson’s Ratio (Machine/Cross)
  • Tensile Modulus
    1482 to 1502 MPa
  • Thermal Conductivity
    0.47 W/m Degree K

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