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RO4350B Image

The RO4350B hydrocarbon ceramic laminate from Rogers has been developed for high-frequency, low cost applications. The laminate can be fabricated into printed circuit boards using standard FR-4 circuit board processing techniques. Unlike PTFE based high performance materials, this series of laminates do not require specialized via preparation processes such as sodium etch. This material is a rigid, thermoset laminate that is capable of being processed by automated handling systems and scrubbing equipment used for copper surface preparation.

The RO4350B laminate has a Dk of 4, Df of 0.0031 to 0.0037 and can be used up to frequencies of up to 40 GHz. It can be used to develop RF & microwave circuits, matching networks and controlled impedance transmission lines.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Rogers Corporation
  • Description
    High Frequency, Low Cost Ceramic Laminates to Replace FR-4

General Parameters

  • Dk (Dielectric Constant)
  • Df (Dissipation Factor)
    0.0031 to 0.0037
  • Td
    390 Degrees C
  • Tg
    Greater than 280 Degree C
  • Thickness Inches
    *0.004” (0.101mm), 0.0066” (0.168mm) 0.010” (0.254mm), 0.0133” (0.338mm), 0.0166” (0.422mm), 0.020”(0.508mm), 0.030” (0.762mm), 0.060”(1.524mm)
  • Electrical Strength
    31.2 KV/mm, 780 V/mm
  • Flamibility
  • Peel Strength
    0.88 N/mm (5.0) pli
  • Weight
    12” X 18” (305 X457 mm), 24” X 18” (610 X 457 mm), 24” X 36” (610 X 915 mm), 48” X 36” (1.224 m X 915 mm)
  • Thermal Coeffecient
    16 ppm/°C
  • Thermal Conductivity
    0.71 W/m/K

Technical Documents