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The R&S FS-SNS from Rohde & Schwarz are Smart Noise Sources that operate from 10 MHz to 110 GHz (18 GHz, 26 GHz, 40 GHz, 55 GHz, 67 GHz, 90 GHz or 110 GHz options available). They enable simple noise figure and gain measurements by automatically loading all necessary setup parameters and taking the environmental temperature into account. They can be used to calculate measurement uncertainty automatically and can even be displayed on the result screen. These noise sources can eliminate time consuming and error-prone activity by providing the ENR tables and environmental temperature to the spectrum analyzer in an electronic format.

These noise sources have an excess noise ratio (ENR) from 5 dB to 21 dB and a VSWR of less than 1.50:1. They are connected to the analyzer via a 7-pin cable for power supply and control interface and are provided with an adapter cable for instruments not equipped with the necessary connector. They are available in an enclosure with WR12/WR10 waveguide interface, SMA (male), APC 3.5 mm (male), 2.92 mm (male), and 1.85 mm (male) connectors.

The R&S FS-SNS series smart noise sources are supported by R&S FSW, R&S FSV3000, R&S FSVA3000, R&SFPS, R&SFPL1000 signal and spectrum analyzers, the R&SFSWP phase-noise analyzer and VCO tester, the R&S FSMR3000 measuring receiver, and the R&S ZNL vector network analyzer. They use the Y-factor, which is the ratio of the noise power at the output of the DUT, to calculate the amount of noise contributed by the DUT.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    R&S FS-SNS Series
  • Manufacturer
    Rohde & Schwarz
  • Description
    Smart Noise Sources from 10 MHz to 110 GHz

General Parameters

  • Frequency
    10 MHz to 110 GHz
  • Excess Noise Ratio (ENR)
    5 to 21 dB
  • VSWR
    1.10:1 to 2.50:1
  • Temperature Coefficient
    0.009 dB/°C
  • Voltage
    28 V
  • Current
    30 to 500 mA
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Package Type
    Module with Connector, Waveguide
  • Connector
    3.5 mm - Male, 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm - Male, 2.92 mm, 1.85 mm - Male, 1.85 mm, SMA, SMA - Male
  • Input Connector
    7-pin LEMOSA/ODU female
  • Waveguide
    WR-10, WR-12
  • Dimensions
    1.50 in × 1.20 in × 5.12 in.
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 55 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -40 to 71 Degree C
  • Note
    Reverse Power:1 W CW

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