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HUGIN 304DF Image

The HUGIN 304DF from Novator Solutions is an RF Monitoring Receiver that operates from 20 to 520 MHz (optional range of 0.5 to 6 GHz). It has a two-stage superheterodyne Rx architecture with 4 receiver channels with an instantaneous bandwidth of 80 MHz each. This receiver also has 60 audio channels and 4 IQ channels (a total of 64 DDRs) enabling simultaneous monitoring, listening, and recording of analog clear voice Push to Talk (PTT) communication using FM, AM, or SSB modulation. It has an automotive direction finder and is optimized for quick deployment in any vehicle platform for EW/SIGINT applications.

The HUGIN 304DF uses a single-channel 2-phase Adcock/Watson-Watt (derived sense) direction finder that operates from 20-520 MHz (with a ground plane). It has a compact and weather-sealed direction-finding (DF) antenna unit which is easily installed on vehicles or helicopters which have a sizeable metallic ground plane. The DF processor automatically calculates the line of bearings of active interceptions and by moving the collection asset, it is possible to get multiple line-of-bearings to geolocate the target emitters.

This receiver comes with command-and-control software (C2) with a back-end server responsible for processing heavy tasks and managing all subsystems, audio & IQ recordings, and automatic direction-finding processing. It includes a thin client application with an intuitive user interface via a single laptop, screen. The system comes standard with a rugged laptop with a 14” screen and high brightness enabling viewing in direct sunlight. The laptop can be connected via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi to the main processing unit. All settings including center frequency, bandwidth, and analog modulation are configured individually and independently from each other in real-time.

The HUGIN 304DF has a noise figure of less than 5 dB, an SFDR of 88 dB, and includes a 14-bit ADC. It requires a DC supply of 12V (24 V optional) and is available in a 6U 19-inch rack mount enclosure that measures 482 x 465 x 266 mm with a direction-finding antenna that measures 680 x 550 x 550 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    HUGIN 304DF
  • Manufacturer
    Novator Solutions
  • Description
    4-Channel Monitoring Receiver from 20 to 520 MHz for EW/SIGINT Applications

General Parameters

  • Applications
  • Bandwidth
    6/15/30/200 kHz (DF)
  • Channels
    64 Channels
  • Dimension
    6U 19-Inch Rack Mount Enclosure, 266 x 482 x 465 mm (HxWxD)
  • Dynamic Range
    88 dB
  • Environment Rating
  • Equipment Type
    Rack Mount
  • Frequency
    20 to 520 MHz
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 55 Degree C
  • Power Supply
    12 V / 24 V
  • Storage
    DRAM: 32GM DDR5, Hard Drive: 500GB SSD
  • Storage Temperature
    -20 to 55 Degree C
  • System Software
    MS Windows 10 professional, 64-bit
  • Weight
    25 kg

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