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The EnsembleSeries™ DCM3220 from Mercury Systems is a Multi-Channel Programmable Digital Transceiver optimized for SWaP-constrained environments. It consists of FPGA processing (Virtex Ultrascale VU7P FPGA, Zynq Ultrascale ZU11EG MPSoC, and 7488 DSP slices), VITA 65 backplane, 12-bit ADC and DAC, VITA 67 configurable rear I/O, security engine, and an AS9100D-qualified IPMI controller. This transceiver offers low latency, high instantaneous bandwidth, and high spectral density with accurate ADC and DAC having a sampling rate of up to 6.4 GSPS (user-selectable output modes available). It requires a DC supply of 0.85 V (for FPGA) and consumes 40 A (Zynq MPSoC) of current.

The DCM3220 offers sub-sample coherency that is optimized to minimize the phase deviation between RF ports, enabling modular direction finding and beamforming applications. It passes each digitized stream into a Virtex FPGA and Zynq MPSoC for data processing and control operations. This transceiver uses EchoCore FPGA IP to allow customers to focus only on their application while building upon the groundwork provided. It routes the data within the FPGA and to external interfaces such as PCIe using AXI4-Stream switches and interfaces.

This digital transceiver supports advanced conduction cooling technology for electronic warfare, beam steering, and coherent communication systems along with an internal clock to synchronize with other cards for parallel signal processing. It also includes a system security engineering (SSE) engine for secure transmission in mission-critical spaces. The DCM3220 is available in a 3U OpenVPX enclosure and is ideal for SIGINT, DRFM systems, and ECM applications in unmanned airborne and naval environments.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Mercury Systems
  • Description
    3U OpenVPX Multi-Channel Programmable Digital Transceiver

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Applications
    Electronic Warfare, SIGINT
  • Memory Size
    8 GB DDR4 (512M x 16)
  • Package Type
    Rack Mount

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