Ka-Band SATCOM Terminal

SATCOM Terminal by CesiumAstro
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The Ka-Band SATCOM Terminals from CesiumAstro operate from 17.7 to 21.2 GHz (Rx) and 27.5 to 31 GHz (Tx). These high throughput multi-beam antenna solutions deliver always-on connectivity to space, air, and ground platforms. They have flat-panel active phased array antennas (AESA) that provide reliable, high-speed throughput with no moving parts. These terminals utilize software-defined functions to enable seamless simultaneous connectivity to multiple constellations. They implement a make-before-break handover to maximize the quality of service and eliminate disruptions with seamless satellite-to-satellite handover between orbits and networks.

The Ka-Band SATCOM terminals are scalable with tile-based architecture (up to 19x24 tiles and 5184 elements). The tightly integrated multi-beam architecture includes two tiled arrays—one for transmit and one for receive—scalable to small, medium, or large form factors. This allows the antenna to scale to support many platforms, both large and small, spanning aircraft, ships, vehicles, drones, and spacecraft. They are built with an open architecture to allow users to integrate the modem of choice, enabling client customization with minimal non-recurring engineering (NRE).

These SATCOM terminals can provide connectivity across space, airborne and ground platforms. They support data relay missions, like those defined for NASA Commercial Services?Project (CSP), which require connectivity?to multiple networks from space. CesiumAstro’s active phased array technology offers a rugged steerable, flat panel, backhaul?option through LEO, MEO, or?GEO satellites. These lower latency/low-SWaP antenna solutions also provide service to aircraft, helicopters, and UAS?platforms with a scalable antenna architecture.

The Ka-Band SATCOM terminals provide an EIRP (@P1dB) of up to 56 dBW, have a G/T ratio from 8 to 15 dB/K, and support beam steering from -60° to +60°. They are available in ultra-thin housing arrays to minimize the profile signature on a host platform.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Ka-Band SATCOM Terminal
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Low-Profile Ka-Band AESA SATCOM Terminals for Space/Air/Ground Platforms

General Parameters

  • Deployment Area
    Aerospace, Land, Marine
  • Dimensions
    Small: 9” x 9”, Medium: 12” x 12” (Tx) / 18” x 18” (Rx), Large: 15” x 15” (Tx) / 36” x 36” (Rx)
  • EIRP
    Small: 47 dbW, Medium: 52 dbW, Large: 56 dbW
  • Elevation Beamwidth
    47 dbW
  • G/T Ratio
    Small: 8 dB/K, Medium: 12 dB/K, Large: 15 dB/K
  • Power
    140 to 900 W
  • Rx Frequency
    17.7 to 21.2 GHz
  • Tx Frequency
    27.5 to 31.0 GHz
  • Type
    Flyaway Terminal
  • Weight
    Small: 20 lbs (Tx) / 34 lbs (Rx), Medium: 40 lbs (Tx) / 68 lbs (Rx), Large: 60 (Tx) / 180 (Rx)
  • Note
    Steering Angle: +/- 60 Degree

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