SATCOM Terminal by Holkirk

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The Scorpion-Lite (MP60L) from Holkirk Communications is a Ku-Band SATCOM Terminal that is designed to provide the user connectivity on most airlines. This fully integrated terminal consists of a block upconverter (BUC), low noise block (LNB), modem, and batteries that have been appropriately selected to meet the ratings in the harshest of environments. All the waveguide flanges are sealed with neoprene o-rings to keep moisture and dust out of the RF Tx and Rx chain to ensure operation in extreme wet, dust and sandy conditions.

This SATCOM Terminal utilizes MPAD technology to allows users to set-up, acquire and commission the satellite link without the need to take a laptop into the field. The MPAD shows the user the direction to point the antenna and then provides a visual indication of LOCK and SIGNAL strength, which improves the reliability and usability in harsh environments.

The MP60L terminal delivers an EIRP of 25 W (51.6 dBi), has a G/T of 14.2 dBK, and a cross-polarization of more than 30 dB. It requires an AC supply of 240 V/110 V or a DC supply for operation and can also be battery-powered with a battery life of 3 hours. This SATCOM terminal is available in a rugged enclosure with neoprene O-ring-sealed waveguide flanges and IP65-rated connectors, offering complete protection of the Tx/Rx chain and interconnection ports from dust/sand ingestion and driving water (in all directions).

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Fully-Integrated Ku-Band SATCOM Terminal

General Parameters

  • AC Voltage
    240 V
  • Antenna Type
  • Band
    Ku Band
  • DC Supply Voltage
    110 V
  • Deployment Area
  • EIRP
    46.2 to 51.6 dBi
  • Type
    Manpack Terminal
  • Weight
    Under 23kg (option dependent)
  • Note
    G/T: 14.2 dBk

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