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GT100KAM004 Image

The GLOBETrekker™ 2.0 (GT100KAM004) from Norsat is a Fly-Away SATCOM Terminal that operates from 18.2 to 21.2 GHz (Rx) and 30 to 31 GHz (Tx). It has a 6-segment carbon fiber reflector with a diameter of 1.0 m and consists of a BUC, a universal LNB, and a 2-segment boom arm. This terminal can be completely assembled without tools in minutes and has a one-touch interface which enables rapid and easy deployment. It is built to military specifications, with a suite of integrated modems or video encoders, and is suitable for mission-critical communications worldwide. The terminal has a motorized azimuth adjustment range of ±160° and a motorized elevation adjustment range from 5° to 90° (in 0.1° resolution).

This linearly/circularly polarized terminal provides a Tx gain of 48 dBi and an Rx gain of more than 44 dBi. It has an EIRP of 53.5 dBW and an axial ratio of less than 1.5 dB (in the Tx band). The base unit of this SATCOM terminal is fully integrated with the modem or encoder/modulator and various other components. It has elevated quad-pod legs that keep the electronics well above any running water, mud, or snow. This terminal has built-in troubleshooting and visible alarms to guide users through problem resolution. It has a modular architecture that enables easy component swapping in the field, a simple one-touch interface, and intelligent LinkControl™ software for automatic satellite acquisition.

The LinkControl™ software is an intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools. With an intuitive GUI, this software seamlessly integrates the various hardware components and automates the process of satellite acquisition. Auto-acquisition technology ensures accurate, consistent satellite acquisition and LinkControl’s software provides an intuitive user interface for setting up LinkProfiles and monitoring operations. Users have full control of all integrated components including BUC, LNB, modem, or encoder modulators. Through user-configured LinkProfiles and a customizable satellite almanac, LinkControl enables users to plan operations, rapidly deploy systems and conduct remote diagnostics.

The GT100KAM004 can operate on both AC (110/220 V) and DC supplies (24 V). It includes all-weather equipment enclosures (IP66 compliant) for rapid deployment in uneven terrain. Tested to meet MIL-STD 810G standards, and packaged in IATA-compliant airline cases, this SATCOM terminal is ideal for short-notice military and commercial deployments, anywhere in the world.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Ka-Band 1.0 m Fly-Away SATCOM Terminal for Military Applications

General Parameters

  • AC Voltage
    110 to 220 Vac
  • Antenna Interface
  • Antenna Reflector Size
    1.0 to 1.2 m.
  • Antenna Type
  • Applications
  • Azimuth Beamwidth
    ±160 Degree
  • Band
    Ku Band, X Band, Ka Band
  • Certifications
  • Configuration
    LNB, BUC, Power Amplifier
  • DC Supply Voltage
    35 V
  • Deployment Area
    Land, Aerospace
  • EIRP
    53.3 to 55.2 dBW
  • Elevation Beamwidth
    5 to 90 Degree
  • Features
    Motorized Elevation over Azimuth, 3 standard, 4 IATA, GPS
  • G/T Ratio
    14.7 to 21.5 dB/K
  • Isolation
    30 to 35 dB
  • Operating Temperature
    -30 to 55 Degree C
  • Polarization
    Circular, Linear Cross-Pol, Circular / Linear
  • Power
    4, 40, 60 W
  • Rx Frequency
    7.25 to 21.2 GHz
  • Rx Gain
    36 to 46 dBi
  • Storage Temperature
    -40 to 70 Degree C
  • Tx Frequency
    7.9 to 31 GHz
  • Tx Gain
    36.5 to 49.7 dBi
  • Type
    Flyaway Terminal
  • Wind Load
    50 km/h Operational, 100 km/h Survival

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