AWMT-2000X Series

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The AWMT-2000X Series from Advantech Wireless Technologies are X-Band Transceivers with a Tx frequency from 7.9 to 8.4 GHz and an Rx frequency from 7.25 to 7.75 GHz. In the Tx path, they deliver an output power of up to 250 W with a gain of more than 72 dB. In the Rx path, they provide a gain of up to 80 dB and an image rejection of 50 dB. These transceivers have a built-in microprocessor controller that provides external monitoring and control of the operating parameters and redundancy control. They have a phase-locked LNB connected to the transceiver with a single coaxial cable, harmonic filter, and high stability internal 10 MHz references.

The AWMT-2000X Series transceivers can be controlled via RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The user-friendly RS-232 interface provides full set-up and fault monitoring facilities via a PC terminal mode communication or a hand-held terminal. The RS-485 interface provides functional remote Monitor & Control, using the Graphic User Interface (GUI) or the Monitor & Control Panel. These transceivers are available in weatherproof, hub-mount enclosures that measure 46.99 x 24.89 x 22.68 cm and are ideal for mounting outdoors, close to the OMT of an antenna. They require an AC supply of 110/220 V and consume less than 1500 W of power.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    AWMT-2000X Series
  • Manufacturer
    Advantech Wireless Technologies
  • Description
    250 W X-Band Transceivers from 7.25 to 8.4 GHz

General Parameters

  • Band
    X Band
  • Tx RF Frequency
    7900 to 8400
  • Tx IF Freqency
    70 +/- 18 MHz
  • Rx RF Freqency
    7.25 to 7.75 GHz
  • Rx IF Freqency
    70 +/- 18 MHz
  • P1dB
    150 to 250 W
  • TX Gain
    20 to 73
  • RX Gain
    80 dB
  • Spurious
    -55 dBc
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Rx Connector
    N Type, N Type - Female
  • Tx Connector
    N Type, N Type - Female
  • Power Consumption
    1200 to 1500 W
  • Supply Voltage
    12 to 18 VDC
  • Voltage (AC)
    110 to 220 VAC
  • Operating temperature
    -30 to 55 Degree C
  • Storage temperature
    -55 to 85 Degree C
  • Dimensions
    18.50 x 9.80 x 8.93 Inches
  • Weight
    32 kg (70 lbs)

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