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The IQxel-MW from LitePoint is a test solution for the next generation Wi-Fi technologies. It is ideal for both R&D and high-volume production, delivering high performance verification for the most popular wireless connectivity standards including 802.11, Bluetooth, DECT and ZigBee. The IQxel-MW offers high efficiency parallel testing for up to 16 devices.

The IQxel-MW series operates from 400 MHz to 6,000 MHz annd is available in three configurations, 2 ports, 8 ports and 16 ports, which support up to 2x2 and 4x4 true MIMO testing. This can be extended to true 8x8 MIMO testing by stacking multiple testers. The integrated front-end of the IQxel-MW covers all 802.11ac Wave 2 and 802.11ax test configurations, including 80, 160, 80+80 MHz, dual-band concurrent, and implicit beamforming on a single antenna, without the need for external components. This test box is ideal for testing of wireless home gateways, wireless connectivity for set top boxes, WLAN MIMO devices, WLAN routers and access points.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    High-performance Test System for 802.11ax Wi-Fi devices

General Parameters

  • Technology
    Wi-Fi, ZigBee, GNSS
  • Frequency
    0.4 to 6 GHz
  • Integrations
    Analyzer, Generator
  • Power
    -95 to 0 dBm
  • Impedance
    200 Ohms
  • Dimension
    14.5” x 3.2” x 20.5” (368 mm x 82 mm x 521 mm)
  • Weight
    11.4 kg (25.2 pounds
  • Supply Voltage
    100 to 240 VAC
  • Operating Temperature
    10 to 50 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -25 to 70 Degree C

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