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TMABPD7823VG12A Image

The TMABPD7823VG12A from CCI is a Triple-Band Twin Tower Mount Amplifier that operates from 698 MHz to 2.36 GHz. It provides low noise amplification of PCS, AWS, AWS-3, and WCS uplink signals combined with 700/850 bypassed signals from separate antenna ports to a common BTS port. This amplifier delivers an average CW power of 200 W with gain control from 6 to 12 dB in 0.25 dB steps and has a noise figure of less than 2.3 dB.

The TMABPD7823VG12A consists of 14 band-pass filters, two redundant low noise amplifiers (LNA) with bypass failure circuitry, two bias tees, AISG control circuitry, and lightning protection circuitry all housed in an IP67 enclosure suited to long-life masthead mounting. This tower mount antenna system provides protection against lightning strikes via a multistage surge protection circuit. DC power and AISG 2.0 control are provided via the BTS feeder cable. It operates in a current window alarm (CWA) and AISG modes. In CWA mode, it requires 12 VDC at each BTS port while in AISG mode, it requires 10 to 30 VDC from either BTS port.

The TMA is fully compliant with the AISG 2.0 specification and supports CDMA, EDGE/GSM, UMTS and LTE BTS equipment. This tower mount unit is ideally suited for sites upgraded to quad-band using the existing infrastructure and allows the sharing of feeder lines for all bands thus reducing tower loading, leasing, and installation costs. It is available in an outdoor unit (10.63 × 11.04 × 3.75 inches) with six 7-16 DIN female connector and 1 AISG connector, and Pole/Wall mounting bracket.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Communication Components Inc
  • Description
    Triple-Band Twin Tower Mount Amplifier from 698 MHz to 2.36 GHz

General Parameters

  • Standard Supported
  • Frequency
    698 MHz to 2.36 GHz
  • Bypass
  • Bypass_Band
    700-850 MHz
  • Power
    200 W
  • Configuration
    Twin TMA
  • IP3
    12 dBm
  • Peak Power
    2 kW
  • AISG
  • Application
  • Band
  • Intermodulation
    <-117 dBm (-160 dBc) typical (2 × +43 dBm tones) all bands
  • Voltage
    10 to 30 V
  • Power consumption
    2 W
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms

Down Link (Tx) Specifications

  • Frequency TX
    1.93 to 2.36 GHz
  • Insertion Loss TX
    0.4 to 0.7 dB

Uplink (Rx) Specifications

  • Frequency RX
    1.71 to 2.32 GHz
  • Insertion Loss RX
    0.25 to 0.4 dB
  • Noise Figure RX
    1.3 to 2.3 dB

Mechanical Specifications

  • Connectors
    7/16 DIN, 7/16 DIN - Female
  • Dimension
    14.22 × 11.56 × 4.24 in. (361.8 × 293.5 × 107.6 mm)
  • Mounting
    Tower Mount, Pole Mount, Wall Mount
  • Package Type
    Module with Connectors
  • Weight
    26.0 lbs (11.8 kg)

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 65 Degree C

Technical Documents