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ATS3TMA4-R Image

The ATS3TMA4-R from dbSpectra is a Tower Top Amplifier with a built-in Quadrature Amplifier and a receive Bandpass Filter for receiver protection. This Tower Top Low Noise Amplifier module operates from 370 to 400 MHz (UHF-band) and provides a gain of 14 dB with a noise figure of less than 5.5 dB. It also provides surge suppression of 18 kA as per the ANSI c62.18/ 20 standard.

The ATS3TMA4-R is available in an aluminum canister to provide wind resistance and better weather protection. It measures 31.25 × 13.25 × 11.5 inches with Type-N (F) connector. It has PolyPhaser Bias-T lightning protection built-in. This tower top amplifier can be ordered with a test port signal injector, which provides a second transmission line for input for testing with control to switch out the antenna and switch in the test port.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Tower Top Low Noise Amplifier from 370 to 400 MHz with Bandpass Filter for Receiver Protection

General Parameters

  • Industry
    wireless communications
  • Frequency
    370 to 400 MHz
  • Configuration
    Single TMA
  • IP3
    46 dBm
  • Band
    Single Band
  • Current
    500 mA
  • Voltage
    15 VDC

Uplink (Rx) Specifications

  • Gain RX
    14 dB
  • Noise Figure RX
    4.5 dB
  • Return Loss RX
    14 dB

Mechanical Specifications

  • Connectors
    7/16 DIN, N-type female
  • Dimension
    11.5 x 31.3 x13.3 inch (WxHxD)
  • Finish
  • Mounting
    Pole Mount
  • Package Type
    Module with Connectors
  • Weight
    22.7 kg

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature
    -30 to 60 Degree C

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