Model 50 Series

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The Directional Couplers from Penn’s Engineering operate from 1.12 GHz to 50 GHz. They are available with coupling options from 3 dB to 40 dB, have a VSWR of 1.05:1 and directivity of up to 40 dB. The couplers are available in multiple waveguide sizes. They are ideal for measuring the microwave energy traveling through a waveguide system.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Model 50 Series
  • Manufacturer
    Penn Engineering
  • Description
    Multi-Hole Directional Couplers 1.12 GHz to 50 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Multihole Coupler
  • Frequency
    1.12 to 50 GHz
  • Coupling
    3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB, 40 dB
  • Coupling Variation
    ±0.4 to 1.2 dB
  • Directivity
    40 dB
  • VSWR
  • WG Size
    WG15, WG6, WG8, WG10, WG11A, WG12, WG13, WG14, WG16, WG17, WG18, WG19, WG20, WG21, WG22, WG23
  • R Size
    R84, R14, R22, R32, R40, R48, R58, R70, R100, R120, R140, R180, R220, R260, R320, R400
  • WR Size
    WR112, WR650, WR430, WR284, WR229, WR187, WR159, WR137, WR102, WR90, WR75, WR62, WR51, WR42, WR34, WR28, WR22
  • Flange
    CMR, CPRF, CPRG, Choke, Cover