In-Car Wireless Charging 2020: Qi Grows in Sophistication & Variants

  • Forecast Period: 2020
  • Published On: Jun 2020
  • Pages: 22
  • By:  Strategy Analytics

With Apple’s official adoption of Qi as the wireless charging standard for the iPhone in 2017, the Wireless Power Consortium’s preferred protocol has become the de facto global standard for inductive charging. OEMs and suppliers are now focusing on improving the user experience, with a particular focus on free placement charging optimization.  

Table of Contents

1.    Executive Summary
2.    Market Overview

    2.1 Wireless Charging Forecast

        2.1.1 Technological Complement of Wi-Fi and Wireless Charging in Smartphone Projection/Integration

3.    Qi Wireless Charging Background

    3.1 Qi Standard

    3.2 New Vehicle Models Offering Qi

    3.3 Current Production Models Offering Qi

    3.4 Single vs. Multi-Coil Chargers

    3.5 Rear-Seat Applications

4.    Vendor News

    4.1 ROHM Charging Solution with STMicro NFC

    4.2 Renesas Panthronics Collaboration

    4.3 Multi-Coil Charging Solutions

        4.3.1 Aira

        4.3.2 NuCurrent

        4.3.3 Spark Connected “The Beast”

5.    Alternative Charging Technologies and Applications

    5.1 NFC WLC

        5.1.1 NuCurrent NuEva WLC Development Platform

    5.2 Radio Frequency (RF) Charging

        5.2.1 GuRu Wireless

        5.2.2 Pi Charging/Spansive Strategy Shift

6.    Conclusion
7.    How Can We Help You?