Semiconductors for RRH 2020

  • Published On: Aug 2020
  • Pages: 70
  • By:  Mobile Experts Inc
  • Type: PDF

Mobile Experts released an RRH Semiconductor Report that clocks the accelerating 5G system as it races toward a peak in 2021 and continued growth through 2025. 

According to the 70-page report, Massive MIMO will be a major impetus for the breakneck RRHSEMI growth. The most significant beneficiary for the impressive market RRH Semiconductor market growth is the Power Amplifier (specifically using GaN technology), but Filters and ASIC/FPGA solutions will also benefit.

"In addition to overall product growth, we expect to see significant focus on the domestic semiconductor supply chain in China," commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara. "The political climate between the US and China as well as effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to an increased push to ramp up internal suppliers but also a disruption to parts that cannot be exactly replicated in the short term."

As with all rapidly developing markets, change comes with growth. According to the report, the sheer number of massive MIMO transceivers will drive a huge boost in the RF semiconductor market, though opportunities for individual suppliers could differ case by case due to uneven global deployment and regional strengths for each network OEM. Mobile Expert subscribers enjoy full access to the analysts behind the report, who have identified where the markets 'lumps' are and can break down specific cases. 

"RFSoCs, power amplifiers and filters will see shipments more than double from 2019 to 2021. We will see a strong 5G market overall through 2025. Despite a few pockets of uneven growth, the inclusion of Massive MIMO will leave the baseline market at a higher level overall, essentially double what we had in LTE days," commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara. 

New to the RRH Semiconductor Report for 2020 is the inclusion of filter demand for both 5G and LTE systems. The analysis breaks down the technologies used (cavity, ceramic, and acoustic filter types) and the shipments of each as well as overall market value.

To create estimates and forecasts, Mobile Experts relies on direct input from more than 40 industry sources, including multiple top OEM vendors, mobile operators, and component suppliers. Mobile Experts used financial disclosures from publicly traded companies to assemble a quantitative view of the equipment market, and to establish estimates of the expected trends in the near future.