RadioVerse: ADI's Technology and RF Design Ecosystem

Insatiable consumer demand for connectivity and data is outpacing technology's ability to service it. Introducing Radioverse - A transceiver technology and design environment that gives you everything you need to solve the toughest RF challenges.



As part of the RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem release, ADI introduced the AD9371, the latest addition to the integrated wideband RF transceiver product series. It is a highly versatile, carrier-grade, system-on-chip radio solution that achieves a wide RF tuning range of 300 MHz to 6 GHz, 100-MHz signal bandwidth, and power consumption of less than 5W under standard operating conditions. It replaces or eliminates as many as 20 discrete radio components and can be used as a common design platform across multiple applications and standards, increasing R&D efficiency and reducing time-to-market of the end product. Other products in this wideband RF transceiver series include the AD9361 and AD9364.

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