Phased-Array Antenna Simulation for 5G

This presentation discusses some of the challenges for incorporating antenna simulations for 5G applications into circuit and system simulators. NI AWR Design Environment™ Microwave Office circuit design software automatically couples the two simulations. The power amplifier “sees” the changing port impedance and the antenna scans its beam as the input power and phasing to the input ports is changed. In addition to saving time and reducing errors, designers can now optimize and perform yield analysis on circuit/antenna systems. System simulators must model phased arrays in order to support 5G. Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) provides a phased-array model, enabling designers to input the array’s geometry using either a standard layout pattern or one of their own creation. If desired, the beam pattern of an individual element can be included, instead of an idealized, isotropic source.

Tags : 5G