Texas Instruments CC1350, SimpleLink Wireless Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments' CC1350 device is a highly integrated, true single-chip solution incorporating a complete RF system and an on-chip DC-DC converter. The CC1350 can handle both sub-1 GHz protocols and 2.4 GHz protocols while its ultra-low-power sensor controller can run autonomously from the rest of the system to maximize sleep time for the main MCU. The combination of an ARM ® Cortex ® -M3 processing core of up to 48 MHz, 128 KB of in-system Flash memory, and 20 KB of ultra-low-leakage SRAM within a RoHS-compliant 7 mm x 7mm package makes the CC1350 device ideal for single-chip implementation or network processor implementations of lower power RF nodes. 

Tags : Wi-Fi, ISM Band