What’s Next in 5G - Ep. 1: 5G Today

Qualcomm Technologies VP of Engineering Vanitha Kumar invites you backstage to hear from the people behind our 5G inventions. In What’s Next in 5G, a series of six short episodes, you’ll learn the technologies we’ve developed for tomorrow.

In episode 1, Vanitha introduces 5G today. She walks us through what viewers can expect from the series, including a glimpse of the innovations Qualcomm is delivering that allow 5G to reach its full potential, such as mmWave, carrier aggregation, and our Qualcomm Snapdragon Modem-RF Systems.

She also introduces how 5G capabilities can enable much better mobile experiences, impact wireless technology overall, and enrich our lives. From faster download speeds on smartphones to 5G gaming, 5G laptops, and IoT, this next-generation of wireless is powering digital transformation across industries. Additionally, 5G can also bridge the connectivity gap and provide seamless connectivity for homes and small businesses through fixed wireless access services. As more people engage in remote work and school, this is more important than ever.

Vanitha currently leads the global modem technology software teams at Qualcomm Technologies. She has 25 years of experience, and was here for our first 3G chipset and first major launch of 4G LTE, pushing the boundaries of what people thought was possible on a mobile device.

In this What’s Next in 5G series, Vanitha shares her excitement for the future of the industry and chats with other Qualcomm leaders about our breakthroughs in 5G technology.

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