Understand Cable Degradation Impact on Measurements and Determine When it's Time to Replace a Cable

In this video, Chase Gibson highlights the impact of a cable assembly's slow degradation over time on your measurements, and explains a process to objectively identify the cable's performance and determine when it's time to replace the cable long before it negatively impacts your measurements.

Chase uses Insight to:

  • characterize the performance of a brand-new cable assembly by measuring the change with flexure over multiple measurements and creating an uncertainty model
  • repeat the process on a cable assembly that has been heavily used and has degraded over time and usage
  • compare the impact of both the new and degraded cable assembly on a device measurement, showing the uncertainty contributions in both cases
  • explain how this comparison can be used to objectively determine when a cable assembly needs to be replaced

The same process can be used to objectively evaluate the performance of any cable assemblies (i.e. new cables from multiple vendors) and compare the impact of the cable on your own DUT measurements, in order to select the best cable for your application.

Tags : Cable