Maximize network quality by harmonized test methods

Today’s mobile networks are increasingly complex, especially with the arrival of 5G. In addition, the number of both human users and machines communicating through networks is continually rising. To help mobile network operators overcome these challenges and to ensure successful mobile network deployment, it is crucial to perform consistent and comparable measurements of network quality and performance between different service providers. Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete range of solutions for measuring the quality and performance of public and private networks and for continually optimizing them. These include:

Network Performance Score (NPS) methodology: ETSI specified, a harmonized method to measure and benchmark the quality of mobile networks for human use cases (apps). The NPS is implemented in Rohde & Schwarz test solutions from data collection to analytics. In addition to aggregation of results it also supports drill-down into problematic areas.

Interactivity Test: Developed by Rohde & Schwarz to measure the network capability to support real-time interactive use cases relevant to communicating machines – “machine QoE”.

Tags : 5G