Taoglas Invisible Antenna Product Overview

Introducing the Taoglas Invisible Antenna.

Taoglas’ new transparent flex antennas offer a clear alternative to opaque antennas for covert cellular, Wi-Fi, and GNSS connectivity in innovative IoT applications. With simple “peel and stick” mounting to any nonmetal surface such as plastic, glass, and screens, the paper-thin, ultra-lightweight TFX series offers a clear alternative to standard opaque antennas for use in mobility, public infrastructure, medical devices, transportation, and emerging IoT applications.

Example use-cases include:

  • EV Chargers and Parking Meters: On-screen placement eliminates the need for external antennas on metal enclosures.
  • Smart Buildings: Antenna placement on windows with cable connections to routers hidden in the walls improves a building’s aesthetic.
  • Transportation Vehicles: Covertly installed antennas replace large external antennas for in-vehicle connectivity