Attenuator Decoupling mode in Rubidium

Rubidium’s attenuator decoupling mode is a very useful feature for users while performing gain transfer measurements on linear devices such as high-power amplifiers. To perform gain transfer measurements, the signal generator output level is required to sweep over the 40 dB range without any transients. While sweeping the output level with automatic level control (ALC), typically signal generators change their output attenuator settings several times which results in undesirable level transients. These transients can be very harmful to the device under test. The decoupling mode in Rubidium minimizes such level transients by freezing the attenuator setting. This video explains how to configure Rubidium in attenuator decoupling mode and perform a level sweep. At the end of the video, a demo of Rubidium level sweep with attenuator decoupled using a python script is shown. The demo shows a smooth level sweep with no changes in the attenuator setting.